This is my affiliate page for at-home workouts, fitness clothes and other things that strike my fancy.  If I post a link here, you can rest assured it’s something I use and LOVE.  I may receive a financial benefit if you purchase an item using one of these links — the cost to you doesn’t change, but it’s a small benefit to me.  If you do choose to purchase through my site, I greatly appreciate your support!  xoxoxo, E.

Dance fitness pants in hot pink or black.


Super hot tank! Holy cleavage batman!



Hot Zumbawear! I have these pants in turqouise and hot pink and I also have this tank.


The Queen Chalene can do no wrong. TurboFire. Interval training. Amazing workout, amazing music, amazing everything. Try it. You will LOVE it.


The beginning of my fitness journey. This is a great program for beginners and more advanced exercisers. It's a 90 day program and you can customize it with weights depending on your fitness level.