Day 5

Yo peeps

Here’s the Day 5 video, which I’m posting on Day 6. There probably will not be a Day 6 video because I’m already in my jammies and I’ve already given myself a little at home exfoliation and I have my ghost face mask on to get the detox junk out of my pores. So… no video.

Quick notes:

I went to a birthday party yesterday with a dessert table that would make you drool. Fancy stuff. Nary a bite did I have. I went to a wedding today and stuck to my plan (luckily the bride is a crunchy cruncher so I had plenty of salad and veggies and quinoa salad to eat). Furthermore, this is the end of my quadruple booked week.

Some people have so […]

Day 4


Pics from Day 3/4 food will be up soon, I’m just tired ya’ll.

Day 3


In which I break down and have coffee. 😉

Day 2 Food Fail

Hey Fitties!

Quick update and then I’m retiring to my couch under the blankies.

Today was a major food fail. The food was great, but I managed to mess each and every thing up.

Day 2

Gotta dash Fitties! Here you go! I yelled at my fitness bestie in this video because she’s a Nazi.


Day 1

It has begun!!!

Below is my (sorry! So so long!) video of my Day 1 experience. It’s a little long because… I have a lot of thoughts and feelings. 😉

Hilariously, Teresa makes a HeyTell appearance in the video. She was HeyTelling me to complain about how disgusting the Alkalinize is.

So for some reason, I’m very cussy today. So if you’re offended by profanity, maybe just give her a skip. Or if you have kids in the room, wear your earphones.

I’ll do better next time. 😉