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Hey Fitties! I thought I’d roll over from my turkey pie and alcohol-induced stupor and wish you all a belated Happy Thanksgiving. What a feast! And we stayed up so late last night. On a THURSDAY. Livin’ dangerous, that’s us!

I wanted to share some opportunities to pick up some at-home fitness programs. Many of you who read this blog are already like super sick fittie fits* (that’s, like, REALLY fit). But maybe you need a little novelty in your life (don’t worry, I won’t tell. Our little secret). Or maybe someone in your life has told you they want to go down the road of being a super sick fittie fit and they want your help to get started.

Power 90 and 10 minute trainer are […]

Ultimate Reset Recap

Hey Fitties! So I finished the Ultimate Reset back on October 29th. I should have done my recap vid then, but I was just so sick of this damn thing. So here it is, 2 weeks later and you can see how much of the inches I’ve kept off. 😉


Flirting with the idea of being a Zumba instructor

Hi Fitties!

I got a sweet message through my contact form. Inexplicably, the email address wasn’t captured (maybe it has to be entered in separately?) Anyway, I got this great question from Stephanie, but I can’t respond to her directly without her email address.

So I’ll post it her so she can (hopefully) see it and maybe others will see it too.

Here’s the excerpted version, some private deets are omitted:

They are offering a zumba certification class this week, and after reading your blog about becoming certified, I dont know if I am ready for it or not. Could you give me some more info about how you started your certification process?? I have NO idea where to start, if this weekend is the time to start or […]

What’s new

Hey Fitties!

I still need to recap my final thoughts on the Ultimate Reset. I did finish the program (well, okay, I only made it to day 20.5) and loved it. But it was October, the month of Breast Cancer Fundraisers and all sorts of other craziness, so I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

I just got back from a Beachbody Leadership event hosted by my upline coach, Alli Vaughn. I first met Alli when she led my TurboKick training back in ’09 in Miami, FL. Oh, and this gorgeous woman was there too:

Alli was recently named presenter of the year by Chalene Johnson and has grown into such an incredible leader. Well, with a mentor […]

Day 15

Wow, time is flying! Can I just say I’m actually a little stressed about coming off this program? It turns out I really like being told what to eat. 😉


Day 13

Hey Fits… sorry for missing 2 days of videos in a row. It’s been busy and reseting near the weekend is emotionally trying for me, so I figured I should focus on doing other stuff instead of lounging around my kitchen wishing I could eat all the foods I normally eat on the weekend.

So here’s what I would have discussed if I made a video.

#1, I have to get smaller jeans. Unless I go back to eating like I was eating, in which case my jeans should fit just fine. 😉 But I don’t plan to. What I really love is that even though I’ve gotten smaller on the bottom, my top didn’t really shrink that much. I always lose it in the boobs first. […]