Intuitive Eating and Strength Training Experiment


Good morning Fitties! I’ve been away for a bit, adjusting my schedule, recovering from our anniversary trip to the Bahamas, (err, Bermuda. I guess I’m dreaming of traveling already) and trying to stay on top of heaps and heaps of laundry…

Also, something else.

So as you know, awhile ago I did the Ultimate Reset (you can scroll down and probably see the posts). It was miserable and interesting at the same time. While I didn’t do the Ultimate Reset to lose weight, I did lose weight (despite eating a jar of peanut butter per week to keep my calories up). While I don’t think the Ultimate Reset was destructive to my intuitive eating process, it was probably […]

Reverse engineering your dream job

Heya Fittulents!

One of my favorite shows, and not just because of the pretty clothes, is the AMC show Mad Men. Okay, the pretty clothes have a lot to do with it.




But as much as I love Betty Draper’s Grace Kelly look, they’re part of what stifles her and holds her back from being a  fully realized adult human being. Those big gorgeous skirts weigh her down (notice how she starts wearing pants to ride horses as she deciding she has had enough of Don’s shit?) She is primarily defined by how others see her and what she possesses (ironically, she’s the consumer men like her husband have created through media and advertising). And she’s miserable because her […]

At home workouts vs. the gym

So as you fitties know that I do this:




Annnnd I also do this:

Making a healthy living with my best girl, Teresa. We do this for a living. Can you believe it? And yeah, we worked out with Sagi, creator of Body Beast. We also went to dinner with him. Yeah, this is what we do for a living. (By the way, he is a totally normal looking guy in person and just absolutely lovely and funny. Not beastly at all. He had a very wicked sense of humour).

I teach in-person fitness classes and I also am a Beachbody coach, meaning I help people find at-home workouts and […]

My fitness program isn’t working

Hey fitties! In which I return to a long neglected blog. I’ve been about fitness work, rest assured. I had some assessment video deadlines to deal with and other sundry demands on my fittie time that left little mental energy for blogging.

But I wanted to share something that we all need to hear from time to time, myself included. This will be a tough love post. No cupcakes or wine in this post. This is what happens when I post before 9am.

I’ve been a little frustrated lately by a lack of progress in the fitness front. Okay, basically I’m sulky because my pants are tight in the thighs. This is going beyond DOMS from starting a new fitness program. This has been going on for […]

Questions of Suffering

Hey Fitties!

Body Pump training: CHECK. Bunch of other shit to do: Almost check.

Welcome to the gyroscope that is the end of my year. I guess we’re all in that spinning out of control time of year…. fiscal year end, holidays, etc. etc.

Anyway, if you’re reading this, the world didn’t end. Surprise! (?)

I’ve been having these weird dreams. The other night I woke myself up doing chest presses. Last night, I dreamed I was on stage with a bunch of other fitties doing… I dunno… SOMETHING AWESOME. Some sort of workout that rocked.

Then I was at some sort of reception having dinner with a lovely woman who, while putting on blush with a marshmallow, brought up the recent shootings in Connecticut. She told me, as she […]

2012 Year in Review

Heyyyy Fitties! What up?

It’s been a busy few weeks, eh? I’m hitting the ol’ goals list hard this month. I’m prepping for a Body Pump training this weekend (GULP) which coincides with this kid’s 24th birthday and we’ve got some fun tricks in store for him. Also on the agenda for the past few weeks: Craft shows… oh yeah, I sometimes make stuff like this:

Yep, those are wine bottle candles. Yep, I made ’em myself.


And teaching! Lots of fundraisers for cancer and adoption and… some funny hats:

Totally vegan! And hot! (Hot like warm, not hot like sexy.)

And brunches and booze and […]