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Helllooo 2015!

Hey fitties! I hope you guys are still around... somehow, I manage to have a baby who is 10 months old! And as such, I think I can get back to blogging now? A few things have changed since the baby came along... my priorities are a lot different. She is an unbelievable little firecracker. Most of my day is spent just singing songs, keeping her clean, trying to keep her from eating things she [...]

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She’s here!

Hey Fitties! It's been awhile, I know. I hope you'll forgive me if I keep my first blog post short and sweet because... well, she's just so sweet. Simone Elise Demeusy, 7 pounds, 3 ounces, 20 inches long. Born March 9th to very proud mama and daddy. She's 7 weeks old now and I feel like I've got my feet on the ground (okay, one foot on the ground) as a work at home mama. [...]

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The “What’s Your Excuse?” Controversy

So have you fitties weighed in on the whole shitstorm surrounding this picture?   Maria Kang, a fit mom of 3 cutie pie babies, is taking a lot of heat for this picture. Some people are calling her a body-shamer, some are calling her a bully. Some are defending her and saying the haters need to get the hell over it. But basically, she's pissed a lot of people off. It's interesting that Ms. Kang [...]

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Shit people say…

Hey Fitties! Long time no blog.... I'm entering my second trimester and things are looking good. I'm feeling good, had a little of the all-day nausea, but the nausea seemed particularly bad if I was tired. So some seabands (those acupressure things that push on your wrists) and rest helped a lot. I was just joking with my husband about shit people say when you're pregnant. And no, it's not shit PEOPLE say, it's shit [...]

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Project: Pregnant Princess Part II

Hey Fitties! The pea and I are checking in to fill you guys in on what has happened in the past week. As I write this, I've known I'm going to be a mama (mommy? madre? Mamacita? I'll have to work on the title) for a little over a week. It went like this: It was way too early to find out if The AntiRat and I had gotten lucky on our first shot of [...]

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Project: Pregnant Princess

Hey Fitties! Long time no blog. I took that trip to Vegas, did the thing where I hit my goals and wore a sparkly dress and Jimmy Choo shoes that cut up my mother effing feets, had quite a time and.. oh yeah, tried to make a baby. Father's Day we decided, hey, you wanna think about maybe doing this next year? Cool. Eh, why wait? Goal accomplisher, that's my name! :-D Unfortunately, I couldn't [...]

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Intuitive Eating and Strength Training Experiment

Good morning Fitties! I've been away for a bit, adjusting my schedule, recovering from our anniversary trip to the Bahamas, (err, Bermuda. I guess I'm dreaming of traveling already) and trying to stay on top of heaps and heaps of laundry... Also, something else. So as you know, awhile ago I did the Ultimate Reset (you can scroll down and probably see the posts). It was miserable and interesting at the same time. While I [...]

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Reverse engineering your dream job

Heya Fittulents! One of my favorite shows, and not just because of the pretty clothes, is the AMC show Mad Men. Okay, the pretty clothes have a lot to do with it.   Swoon. But as much as I love Betty Draper's Grace Kelly look, they're part of what stifles her and holds her back from being a  fully realized adult human being. Those big gorgeous skirts weigh her down (notice how she starts wearing pants [...]

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At home workouts vs. the gym

So as you fitties know that I do this:     Annnnd I also do this: I teach in-person fitness classes and I also am a Beachbody coach, meaning I help people find at-home workouts and nutritional supplements to help them on their fitness journey. It might sound like those are two incompatible occupations, sort of like playing for the Red Sox and the Yankees, or working for Coca Cola and Pepsi at the same [...]

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My fitness program isn’t working

Hey fitties! In which I return to a long neglected blog. I've been about fitness work, rest assured. I had some assessment video deadlines to deal with and other sundry demands on my fittie time that left little mental energy for blogging. But I wanted to share something that we all need to hear from time to time, myself included. This will be a tough love post. No cupcakes or wine in this post. This [...]

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