Hey Fitties! Long time no blog.

I took that trip to Vegas, did the thing where I hit my goals and wore a sparkly dress and Jimmy Choo shoes that cut up my mother effing feets, had quite a time and.. oh yeah, tried to make a baby. Father’s Day we decided, hey, you wanna think about maybe doing this next year? Cool. Eh, why wait?

Goal accomplisher, that’s my name! 😀

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much to blog because I’m a blabbermouth and that was something my husband asked me not to blabber.

Anyway, a lot is going to change (I’m already starving and can’t sleep and I’m only 5 minutes pregnant). My fitness thing is about to change (luckily, I’ve got free child care at most of the places where I teach). My plan (and goal!) is to stay as active and fit as I can because fit mamas produce fit babies. And that whole squeezing a human out your hoohah is easier when said hoohah is nice and strong from squats and lunges and other such devices.

The path to baby has been a long one for us… I’m 35, which I know is not, like, SUPER old, but it’s not super young either. One of the big impediments has been a sense of impending disaster on the earth. How can you bring a baby into a world with no jobs, crappy economy, high taxes and warrantless wiretaps? It’s a scary prospect. We’d grow a little irritated at the coy suggestions of our friends, like holding a cute baby would be enough to sway us into creating life. What an awesome responsibility. Despite my love of pink and glitter and cupcakes, I take serious things seriously. And wantonly creating a baby that would suffer and experience a world far more dangerous and lawless than the one I’d grown up in seemed… selfish. It seemed wrong.

A sermon from Tim Keller about marriage was the beginning for us. He quoted Stanley Hauerwas: “For Christians do not place their hope in their children, but rather their children are a sign of their hope . . . that God has not abandoned this world.

We do believe God will redeem this world. That evil was conquered once and for all by the sacrifice of Jesus and, while it may seem that evil prevails temporarily, the ultimate victory is won. And when your world view shifts, suddenly it doesn’t seem so preposterous to think of bringing a new life into that world.

So that was the start of us… a few months ago I think it was. There were other small steps, but I’ll stop there for now. I’ve been crazy excited since we found out at 10:02 pm and now I think I can finally sleep. Husband is out like a light. 😉 Is this a sign of things to come?

Night night to all you fitties from me, the self-appointed princess, and my pea.