So as you fitties know that I do this:




Annnnd I also do this:

Making a healthy living with my best girl, Teresa. We do this for a living. Can you believe it? And yeah, we worked out with Sagi, creator of Body Beast. We also went to dinner with him. Yeah, this is what we do for a living. (By the way, he is a totally normal looking guy in person and just absolutely lovely and funny. Not beastly at all. He had a very wicked sense of humour).

I teach in-person fitness classes and I also am a Beachbody coach, meaning I help people find at-home workouts and nutritional supplements to help them on their fitness journey.

It might sound like those are two incompatible occupations, sort of like playing for the Red Sox and the Yankees, or working for Coca Cola and Pepsi at the same time.

It’s not.

I have found coaching and fitness instruction to be symbiotic.

First, many of my online clients are geographically too far to ever come to a group fitness class. Those are people I would never see at the gym. Those are people who need my support and encouragement AND they need someone who can make sure they’re exercising safely at home. Beachbody programs allow me to be there for them, even when I can’t physically be there for them.

Also, many of my online clients who are local eventually want to come see me in person. That’s what happens when you go through a challenge group with someone — you form a bond. Sort of like war except your butt looks better at the end. So they drop in to a class. Lots have joined gyms where I’m teaching or come to fundraisers to support me. They may be doing a strength program at home but they want to come to Zumba or Hip Hop Hustle. They need the flexibility of being able to workout on their own schedule, but sometimes they want a little in-person connection.

Some people are really too intimidated to come to a group ex class. It shouldn’t be this way, but they are afraid it will be like high school gym all over again. So they want to get confident doing fitness at home before they come to class. I can help them get there with a Beachbody program. The COOL thing is that now many Beachbody programs are also available in the gym. So people can develop a baseline of competency in things like Les Mills Pump, Les Mills Combat, P90x, Brazil Butt Lift or Insanity and then do a more challenging version in the gym! That’s HUGE. Some of those programs are CRAZY intense. Do you think it’s valuable for a deconditioned client to be able to rewind the clean and press demo over and over? Or pause Insanity if the plyometric circuit is too strenuous? You betcher boots it’s valuable!

In addition, a lot of people get addicted to fitness and they start to crave being in the fitness community. As tough as some of the DVDs are, the trainer can’t look at them and tell them it’s time to squat lower or jump higher or drive their knees to the chest a little faster. They need an in-person instructor for that. Conversely, there are plenty of people who have mastered the classes available to them at the gym and they need a little change up at-home to push their cardio fitness to the next level or to increase their strength so they can lift a little heavier in class.

And of course, sometimes people just can’t get to the gym. The weather may be bad, their kids may be sick, their work schedule may have gone to hell in a hand basket…. but if your clients have an at-home workout, they can stay on top of their training.

I think the most important benefit to coaching is being able to provide meal plans and nutritional support to your clients. All the programs come with meal planning and theres’a meal planning tool via Beachbody’s website.

Finally, let’s be honest here: if you’re a fitness professional, you love what you do. You have the BEST job in the world. But physically, you can’t teach every hour of every day. You’ll destroy your body. Coaching allows you to work with people all over the world WITHOUT taxing your body. So you can continue to make an income from fitness and rest up to teach the classes you love.

So far from being mutually exclusive, coaching and teaching fitness classes are very compatible. In my experience, I’ve found that as one side of my business grows, it strengthens the other side of my business. If you’d like more information about what I do, I’m always happy to chat (between classes, of course!) Just comment below!