Hey Fitties! I thought I’d roll over from my turkey pie and alcohol-induced stupor and wish you all a belated Happy Thanksgiving. What a feast! And we stayed up so late last night. On a THURSDAY. Livin’ dangerous, that’s us!

I wanted to share some opportunities to pick up some at-home fitness programs. Many of you who read this blog are already like super sick fittie fits* (that’s, like, REALLY fit). But maybe you need a little novelty in your life (don’t worry, I won’t tell. Our little secret). Or maybe someone in your life has told you they want to go down the road of being a super sick fittie fit and they want your help to get started.

Power 90 and 10 minute trainer are great places to start. P90x is obviously the gold standard of hot-ifying bodies. AND! Ta-da! TurboFire is on sale again. So go check it out. You get little bonuses if you order through a coach, and if you order through me then I get to jump up and down and lob my ADD at you. So go here, click “shop” and go pick out your programs.


If none of the ones above tickle your fancy, go get you some Les Mills Pump. That shit is kicking my ass.

And yes, I’m still on the intro phase.

And yes, I bought extra weight plates because I thought the equipment that came with the program would be WAYYY to easy for me. And yes, I still have not used the extra weight plates.

Les Mills schooled me. Damn you, rep effect. BTW, my favorite Les Mills Body Pump instructors are Joel (because he looks like¬†Charles Brandon¬†from the Tudors and I LOVED that character, that little scamp). And my other favorite is Dan, because when he gets REALLY excited or when he’s about to throw down a crazy number of cleans and presses, he gets CRAZY EYES. I am no stranger to the crazy eye phenomenon (in which the intensity of exercise causes one to widen ones eyes and freeze one’s face in a really earnest look of encouragement/excitement/joy/pain). Good stuff.

Have a great Black Friday Fitties!


*I don’t know why I am assuming super fitness levels in my readers since I am only on the medium fit side. But I am thinking you guys are probably busting out dozens of one-handed pushups. Or are pretty close to it.