Hi Fitties!

I got a sweet message through my contact form. Inexplicably, the email address wasn’t captured (maybe it has to be entered in separately?) Anyway, I got this great question from Stephanie, but I can’t respond to her directly without her email address.

So I’ll post it her so she can (hopefully) see it and maybe others will see it too.

Here’s the excerpted version, some private deets are omitted:

They are offering a zumba certification class this week, and after reading your blog about becoming certified, I dont know if I am ready for it or not. Could you give me some more info about how you started your certification process?? I have NO idea where to start, if this weekend is the time to start or what I am about to get myself into.

Thanks for your help!

First, Stephanie, thanks so much for getting in touch! I love that I’m like the unofficial oracle for all people looking to break into fitness as a career. It is the most rewarding, enjoyable job you will EVER have. Yes, there are annoyances from time to time, but in general, it’s the best job EVER.

Second, never, ever be scared of a training. The training is going to be the easiest part of your journey as a fitness instructor. I wish someone had told me this earlier. It’s true about life. I remember stressing out about the LSAT before I went to law school and feeling like the hard part was over once I took it (not to brag, by the way, but I did pretty well on it). Turns out the easiest part of law school was that stupid entry test. My road was just beginning. Law school exams, the bar exam, actual practice… THAT was the tough part.

So don’t waste time fretting about the first step. It’s a waste of energy. Save your fretting for the first class you teach! 😉

Here’s an excerpt from a blog post I wrote on this subject (click the link to read the original):

Is it hard to get certified?  Not if you have a pulse, room for $200-ish on your credit card and an 8 hour window of time to spend in a training class.  People, follow my logic:  Companies like Zumba make money off of you coming to their certification.  They make money when you buy t-shirts and choreography and go to instructor conventions.  Is it in their interest to make your certification (a) fun, informative, a bit challenging but ultimately inspiring or (b) a humiliating experience akin to trying out for your high school cheerleading squad?

If you said (a), great! You’re thinking like a business person!  Fitness companies know that if they make the certification experience awful and impossible, no one will want to do it! If no one wants to take the certification, how are they going to find people who to perform the trainings for a commission?

And I hope it’s not tacky (I swear I’m not trolling for clicks, you’ll notice I don’t have ads on this site!) but you should also read this post yours truly wrote about the subject of teaching.

I think that will get you started! I hope this helps Stephanie!

I did want to say that Zumba trainings fill up SUPER DUPER fast, so chances are slim you’ll get in to one if you try to sign up a week ahead of time. If there is room, I say that God is telling you to go be an instructor. 😉 Have a blast!