Hey Fitties!

I still need to recap my final thoughts on the Ultimate Reset. I did finish the program (well, okay, I only made it to day 20.5) and loved it. But it was October, the month of Breast Cancer Fundraisers and all sorts of other craziness, so I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

I just got back from a Beachbody Leadership event hosted by my upline coach, Alli Vaughn. I first met Alli when she led my TurboKick training back in ’09 in Miami, FL. Oh, and this gorgeous woman was there too:

Alli was recently named presenter of the year by Chalene Johnson and has grown into such an incredible leader. Well, with a mentor like CJ, how can you not, am I right? One thing I’ve loved about her from the get-go is her absolute unshakeable faith in herself and her dream of working for Chalene’s company and helping people get fit. I guess you could say I’d never have had the balls to quit the law gig if it hadn’t been for Alli.

Anyway, I don’t know if I mentioned this, I don’t think I did, but two months ago, I became a Diamond coach within Beachbody. It’s hard to explain why that’s important if you’re not in Beachbody, but I can explain it like this:

I don’t make commissions from the coaches who are on my team. If they sell or don’t sell, buy or don’t buy Beachbody programs, it doesn’t affect my commissions. But if they do become strong leaders and effective coaches, our team as a whole is better off in terms of bonuses based on volume. So a Diamond coach is a coach who has learned that this business is not about me and my sales, but about being a better leader. Leadership is not one of my strong suits. I can hardly motivate myself to do the things I know need doing, so motivating others is extremely challenging for me. Diamond status is a huge accomplishment for me not just in terms of financial freedom but because it means I am growing into a leader, just like Alli has.

Cool, huh? I was talking to someone this weekend at my leadership event about this company we work for and it truly is unlike any other business out there. Fitness changes lives, people. I know that it does because it changed my life. I can count the dozens of people I’ve coached and taught who are stronger, better people because of fitness. This isn’t shampoo or tuperware or timeshares or floor wax or makeup or jewelry. I don’t know if that stuff has ever shaped anyone’s character the way fitness can.

So Alli wined and dined her Diamond coaches this weekend (literally pampered us. I felt like a rockstar VIP the whole time). And that’s my lengthy explanation of what’s new and why I haven’t finished my vid series. Soon, I promise. 😉

Some pics from the weekend:

Reserved seating. I felt so fancy.


Diamond Coaches in the house. That sparkler in the center is Alli Vaughn, and these girls are all on her team. I’m at the far left, Teresa is my fitness bestie, my first Diamond Coach and is standing right next to Alli. That’s right. This is my job.

My team. Teresa’s coaches Ken and Jodi happened to be in Orlando for vacation and they came and spent some time working out and getting trained with us. So funny — I totally “KNOW” them from our team’s activity on Facebook, but I’ve never met them until this weekend.



Making a healthy living with my best girl, Teresa. We do this for a living. Can you believe it? And yeah, we worked out with Sagi, creator of Body Beast. We also went to dinner with him. Yeah, this is what we do for a living. (By the way, he is a totally normal looking guy in person and just absolutely lovely and funny. Not beastly at all. He had a very wicked sense of humour).



We got to the hotel late Friday night (alas, T’s flight was delayed) and we had REALLY hoped to have a margarita together before bed. Thank the LORD there was a nightclub in the hotel where we could get our fix. They had a great DJ too, so we made a bit of a spectacle of ourselves before it was time for bed.



I’m officially qualified to attend Beachbody’s Disney World Success Club conference. These things are so fun — you get to work out with amazing celebrity trainers, learn about how to encourage and inspire others and be the best version of yourself you can be.



That’s all for now Fitties. Hugs and kisses and I’ll see you this weekend for the final Ultimate Reset recap. I also started the Les Mills Body Pump program at home. WHEW. It’s a great workout.