Hey Fits… sorry for missing 2 days of videos in a row. It’s been busy and reseting near the weekend is emotionally trying for me, so I figured I should focus on doing other stuff instead of lounging around my kitchen wishing I could eat all the foods I normally eat on the weekend.

So here’s what I would have discussed if I made a video.

#1, I have to get smaller jeans. Unless I go back to eating like I was eating, in which case my jeans should fit just fine. 😉 But I don’t plan to. What I really love is that even though I’ve gotten smaller on the bottom, my top didn’t really shrink that much. I always lose it in the boobs first. Not on the reset baby!

#2, I feel amazing. Unbelievable.

#3, this reset has really helped me become aware of how I use food (and wine) (and dessert) to pamper, comfort and treat myself. It’s a busy life out there and at the end of the week, when my husband and I have worked hard, I love to unwind with delicious food. Fancy cheeses, rich French dishes, fine wine… heck, maybe even a bag of Chipotle with some homemade margaritas.

The thing is, that adds up. I love to eat and I love to eat good food, but I need to figure out whether unwinding with self-indulgent food is really a good habit. Especially when it creeps from Thursday night to Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Oh and Wednesday because — hooray! — date night is tomorrow.

It’s always been a tough line for me… food is meant to be celebratory in many ways. People bond over meals and holidays and special occasions are marked with feasts. As I’ve mentioned before on my blog (but I’m too lazy to go find where), it’s easy to want the party to continue all the time. Especially when we live in such a stressful time and the economy sucks and the job market sucks and the housing market sucks. Did you notice how early the Halloween candy came out this year? People were saying it came out before their kids even went back to school. People want something to celebrate. And if you don’t have a reason, food is a great way to pretend your humdrum day is really a party.

So awareness is the beginning of change. I don’t have to change anything if I don’t want to. It’s actually normal to eat for comfort every once in awhile. Something that I have to address, and something that frankly made me really pissed off, is whether this is something I want to continue.

I talked about in my Day 1 video about getting my power back over certain foods. Not letting stimulating foods control me. If I want to be empowered, do I want to continue eating to soothe a battered spirit? Do I really even need to do that? I’ve created a pretty freakin’ great life. Is this just habit for me? Are these old patterns that no longer serve a purpose?

And if I DO need emotional comfort, it can’t come from food. Food can’t solve problems for you. It can distract you from them temporarily. It can mask pain. It eventually compounds your problems.

I’m not really sure what do with this awareness. I’m glad I did the reset so I can at least recognize this behavior. Some people might say “Okay, 2 days per week only do you get to have a celebratory type meal (aka, cheat meal).” But I think actually it might be better, instead of setting some rule for myself (which I’ll doubtless break), to sit with myself and consider why I want a particular indulgent food. Is it just cuz it sounds good? Or is it because I’ve had a hard week and I’m overtired and I need rest and a hot bath?

The reset ends a week from tomorrow. I’ve learned a lot from it.

See you guys tomorrow!