Yo peeps

Here’s the Day 5 video, which I’m posting on Day 6. There probably will not be a Day 6 video because I’m already in my jammies and I’ve already given myself a little at home exfoliation and I have my ghost face mask on to get the detox junk out of my pores. So… no video.

Quick notes:

I went to a birthday party yesterday with a dessert table that would make you drool. Fancy stuff. Nary a bite did I have. I went to a wedding today and stuck to my plan (luckily the bride is a crunchy cruncher so I had plenty of salad and veggies and quinoa salad to eat). Furthermore, this is the end of my quadruple booked week.

Some people have so sweetly remarked on FB that my skin and hair looks like AMAZING threw up all over me since I started doing the reset. Well, yes, I am a goddess, so this is hardly surprising. BUT, in all fairness, most of you are used to me looking like absolute shit 99% of the time because I’m either going to class sans makeup and hair products  (okay and sans hair brushing) or I’m coming from class doused in my own fluids. Of course I’m not making videos looking like that. I’m attempting to look human. Although there has been an improvement in how I look and feel and how my skinny jeans fit, a lot of the stunning beauty I am stunning you with comes from hair serum and a nice tinted moisturizer and friendly lighting in my kitchen. Oh, and mascara. That helps a lot.

Just want to make sure you know that there are some smoke and mirrors at work there, in the interest of full disclosure. 😉


PS: The stuff that helps me fake my luminosity is this beauty balm from Two Faced. It is THE. SHIT. Primer, SPF, tint, moisture all in one. Good things.

xoxox and see you tomorrow (no pics because I’ve just been eating the ingredients one at a time. Sorry.)