Thanks for your kind comments on my post t’other day my Fitties. I got some internet high fives for putting out there what a lot of other instructors think — we don’t need to have this silly drama about something like Zumba. Or as one of my teacher friends put it, if everyone stopped worrying about OTHER peoples’ classes and focused on their own, our classes would all be better.

She’s a bright one.

So I’m sitting on hold with my doctors, whom I haven’t seen in… oh… 3 years? I never know if my doctor is even going to be there. Often, they retire while I’m in between visits. YAY! I like that.

I’m scheduling my physical and blood work so I can see if there’s any improvement after I do this program.

I’m deeply skeptical about detoxes. Doctors say that our body has organs (liver, kidneys and so forth) to filter the toxins out of our body. Plus I’m healthy, right? I mean I lead and active lifestyle, low stress, don’t drink, don’t chew, don’t go with girls who do.

Okay, I do drink. And then there’s the sugar issues…

But still, I’m healthy! I don’t need to detox! But then I saw the results of my fellow coaches/fitness instructors and I was intrigued. They were clearly healthy before they started the detox and afterwards they just looked even better. Sharper and clearer.

So I signed on with a few members of my team to do this 21 day Ultimate Reset. The food looks amazing and delicious and the way I used to eat before I decided, welllll… I’m teaching three classes today… a couple of donuts won’t hurt me none….

My kit came yesterday and in the pamphlet there were these 5 signs you might need a detox:

1. Do you find it very difficult to lose weight? Um… well…. yes. But, I mean, please see the donut issue above. But yes, I seem to have reverted to the pattern I used to have in my unhealthy days of being bloated by 2-5 pounds after eating something salty or carby. For awhile, it seemed like my body could handle that fine. Not anymore.

2. Are you often tired, even after a good night’s sleep? Oh. Um. Yes.

3. Do you have high cholesterol, even when you eat right and exercise every day? Probably not, but that’s why I’m getting the blood test. But high cholesterol, high blood pressure and Type II diabetes are rampant in my family so… I better get this shit checked out and handled sooner rather than later.

4. Do you have cravings for coffee, sugar, or junk food? Um. Define “cravings?”

5. Do you regularly suffer from bloating or constipation? Aw, Shit.

Okay so maybe I DO need a detox. Or maybe that just covers everyone and it’s a clever marketing ploy. Or maybe everyone needs detoxes. I dunno.

Anyway, I’ll be keeping a faithful log of our journey so you can see if this is something that might help you or a family member. I’m excited but apprehensive about this. On the other hand, I’ve known for awhile I need to break the cycle I have with overly stimulating food and unless I do something drastic, I will just keep nibbling away at it. So this is my drastic measure.

Wish me luck! You can check out videos and info about what I’m doing here and comment below if you have questions.