Hey Fitties! OMG I’m having the BEST day! And you probably are too because I heard Billie Jean on the radio before I got to work, and when that happens I have the best day and I’m PRETTY SURE that carries over onto all the people I know and if you’re reading this I know you and so, ipso facto, you must also be having a great day!!!! The power of MJ!


Wow. Just wow. None like him.

I got a really nice email after my last post in which I entreated my fair readers to stretch and strive and achieve and exhaust themselves doing…. something. Anything. Anything that takes your whole being. Anything you can pour yourself into.

And this email made a great point… but that seems like you’re making work your raison d’être (that’s “reason for existing” for you non Queensryche fans/French speakers out there). And I see her point — a life centered solely around work is empty. Especially because, in our Western culture, we typically work so we can get stuff. So it sound like our life is solely on us working so we can consume stuff and more stuff.


Work is not the purpose of life, and working to get stuff (even if it’s stuff from Anthropologie) is not the purpose of life. But work is integral to our lives. Even in the garden of eden, mankind had a job to do in tending the garden. Meaningful, productive work is a blessing from God.

Anyway, I just wanted to make that correction since it seemed like I was advocating working for the purpose of getting stuff and also to let you all know you will be having a great day today.

Here’s a great little op ed, btw, from the Wall Street Journal about the Puritans and work.