What do I do if I can’t run and announce the most asinine thought that pops into my head?

I blog it.

I deactivated my Facebook account because I’m spending the next week or so with the AntiRat. Who is cute and deserves my undivided, non-social media driven attention. So… it’s strange to live regular life and not stream of conscious thought it. It turns out, I am not Gertrude Stein.


Anyway, the trouble is, if you deactivate your FB account, it’s like you never existed there. And I know that there are people who are having babies in the not too distant future who might need to get in touch with me to cover classes. The contacts through this site work. I’ll also try to email peeps. But otherwise… yeah, I’m going through a media detox. 😉

In other news, I love R.I.P.P.E.D. The great thing about doing 5 very different exercises that are awful in different ways is that it doesn’t really feel like you’re doing awful exercise for that long. Like, if you do burpees and star jacks and high knees for 6 minutes, you’re so grateful to destroy your muscles with weights. And then after 6 minutes of that, you’re all set and ready to go back to some excruciating cardio. And before you know it, the hour is over.

Say what? Love it. I was so bummed it didn’t go longer.

Anyway, I’ll see you Fitties around town. I’m turning 34 in exactly 3 minutes and 7 days and shitballs of fire no way can I be that old, wasn’t I just at prom??? So we’ll be doing stuff sort of in anticipation for that. Hence the no Facebook thing.

Make sense?

xo E

Oh! And… this.