Yo Fits.

I hope this Friday finds you well. And I hope you’ve got a workout checked off your to-do list, or you have it in a non-negotiable area of your to-do list.

I wanted to talk about the benefit of cults today. Yes, the shave-your-head, dedicate-your-life-to-wearing-ugly-shoes kind of cults.

You know the hardest part about being in a cult, so I’m told? Getting out of one. Your whole life is the cult. Your friends… your family… they’re all in the cult. If you leave the cult… well, it’s like you lose your whole life. Oh, and also sometimes they, like, throw you into cult-prison and take all your money so you can’t leave even if you wanted to.

So that LAST part is bad, but actually the first part is kinda good. Fitness should be like that. Like a cult. It should be such a part of your life that even if you WANT to quit, you can’t. Because you see your friends at the gym. You and your buds are more likely to cut loose at a Body Pump class than on the couch with Ben and Jerry’s. Or because when you hang out, a lot of the time it’s to try a new exercise or take a hike or eat cupcakes swap raw juice recipes.

Part of adopting a healthy lifestyle is making fitness part of your life. Your hobbies and your social circle all propel you towards fit and healthy activities. Now, obviously you should pick a balanced group of fitties for your cult. Don’t go joining pro-ana online groups or hanging out with the girls who pinch their non-existant inches and bitch about the frozen pizza they ate last night.

I’m talking a group of people who work hard, play hard and have indulgences built into their lives. People who are fun to be with and fun to workout with. People who plan to do this for the rest of their lives and don’t see diet and exercise as just a quick fix or something to do leading up to their wedding or their high school reunion or whatever. You need a fitness cult that never plans to stop pursuing fitness.

Sound extreme? It is. As we age, we have a choice. To actively pursue getting stronger or to allow ourselves to weaken. You don’t HAVE to get weaker as you age. Ever hear of Jack LaLanne swimming the harbor tugging several boats? He was 70.

The number one reason why people don’t stick with their diet and fitness plans is because it’s a plan — it’s not their life. It needs to become so natural to you that not working out or eating right would be like not putting on your pants before you leave the house. I know we’re all busy, but we find time to do things that are vitally important. Is anyone ever too busy to celebrate Christmas? Or their kids’ birthdays? No. Why? Because it is built into the very fabric of society that these are things you DO. Even if you don’t personally celebrate Christmas, try going to the bank on Christmas Day. 😉 You have no choice. It inserts itself into your life and makes you work around it.

Fitness needs to be like that. No choice. That’s one of the reasons I’m a coach and I teach classes — I have no choice. Are there times when I really don’t want to take another shower or sweat my ass off? You bet. I don’t have a choice. My professional life revolves around fitness. And my personal life does as well — if I drop off the fitness planet, I have a fitness bestie who will come calling and wonder what’s wrong with me.

If you don’t have a fitness cult, I have one you can join. I won’t make sign over all your possessions to me and I won’t even make you wear ugly shoes. But I will ask for you to be willing to go all in and make this part of your life. I will ask for you to be open to changing your concept of yourself — to becoming “The Fit Girl.” If you’re interested, you can message me or leave a comment below and I’ll get you hooked into our little fitness cult via Facebook. Head shaving is optional.

xo Fitties