Heya Fitties! Long time no blog. I missed you. <3

It has been a busy summer here and hotter than balls. Also, I’ve been doing some binge TV. Mad Men and Sons of Anarchy and Murder, She Wrote (don’t judge). The nice thing about being a bout 5 years behind the tv watching public is I don’t have the suspense of what happened to Don and Betty or Tara and Jax (don’t you dare tell me, I’m only on season 3 and they’re going through a rough patch. At the last episode, he was giving a wicked look to the skanky porn star whose car Tara shot up. That’s where I am. Don’t spoil it. Or…. um, spoil it. Either way. :))

One of the things on my list this summer has been to work a little more on technique and choreography. The trouble with you fitties is you need to constantly be pushed and challenged. Which means I have to get better.


That’s not always easy. I’m feeling rather comfortable at my current teaching level, thank you very much, and I really don’t feel like pushing myself out of this comfort zone.

Obviously, I’m going to push myself, but I don’t wanna.

Something that I’ve struggled with a lot is who I am as an instructor. Since I wasn’t a natural born dancer or performer, this is a fairly new environment for me. And it’s very easy to appreciate the talents of other people and feel like that’s the direction that you need to go in. For example, some instructors are just masters of samba. Or they can salsa the wood right off the floor. And because their strength is in those areas and they work to get stronger, your students LOVE it.

And so you feel pressure to be a samba instructor extraordinaire. Or you start to add more salsa in because, well by golly, people love it, even if, effingay, why do they just put random drums in there and ignore the 32 count phrase? WHY? WHY BETO? WHY?

I think I was losing a little love for teaching my formats because I was so worried about being the type of instructor people liked instead of just being the type of instructor I am. I am perfectly adequate in latin movements. I am not from Columbia. Or Brazil. I did not sashay myself out of the womb. My strengths are elsewhere (stripper drops and ghetto booty, sorry to say). So while it’s a great idea to try new styles and be the best you can be, you still have to do you. You have to do what your strengths are. You have to do what you love to do. Some people will love that too. Some won’t. So what?

Something I realized is that variety is a good thing. People may think that they want to eat java chip ice cream every single day, but that actually would get old. So they probably really want a little java chip one day, a little plain vanilla another day, some cherry garcia another day… and if you’re a cherry garcia, be the most perfectly delicious cherry garcia you can be. Don’t try to be rocky road.

So yeah, that’s something that occurred to me today. I feel better already.

Some of you have left some absolutely lovely comments for me, and I promise I will get to them ASAP. Thanks as always for reading this little blog. See you soon Fitties.