Hi Fitties!

Sorry (again, I know, always so sorry) for the absence. I’m back from Jamaica, grudgingly. 😉 It was a fantastic trip and now I understand why some of our friends just go back to the same spot every year. I always wondered, huh, why not branch out a little? Try other islands that are sunny and gorgeous?

I get it now. Jamaica is heaven. Perfect ocean temp, perfect sun, lovely people, beautiful… um, nature? Flora? Landscape? You know what I mean? Just paradise in every way. Unless you recently got bangs, and then your hair looks stupid. But who cares if you have dumb hair if you can drink champagne in an ocean the temperature of bath water from 10 am till bedtime without judgement? Feelin’ no hair pain at that point.

Speaking of hair, which I seldom do because I’m fairly inept at doing my own hair, (okay, sometimes I get lucky), I’ve been experimenting with wave spray. I have lumpy hair — it’s not wavy or curly (unless I sweat, then it gets curly, but then it’s nasty and sweaty). It’s wavy in some spots, straight in others, curly up by my bangs. So it’s just uneven and not attractive, so I tend to just fry the hell out of it with a flat iron. Beach waves appeal to me because I do like the idea of pretty, wavy hair but I’m just so frakin’ lazy about these things. Instant gratification. Spray on beauty, that’s what I want.

I’ve tried a few different wave sprays — some expensive, some cheap and wanted to post the 3 I liked the best.

The first one is Sally Hershberger Glam Waves. I love the way this smells (kinda sweetish, but natural sweet, not hooker dipped in cotton candy sweet). It has jojoba oil and meadowfoam (??) oil, so it’s a moisturizing wave spray. I put this in when my hair is 99.9% dry, then I put it up in a french twist for a a few hours. When I take it down, wah-la, waves.

My absolute FAVORITE is the Jose Moran Bohemian Wave Spray. I love this one because I can spray it on air dried hair and my hair immediately clumps itself into beach waves. The only thing is… it doesn’t make my hair feel good to touch. It does feel sticky like you’ve been in the ocean and let the salt dry. But I just adore it.

My other preferred wave spray took some time to love. This is Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Ginger Texturizing Spray. Excuse me, Awapuhi WILD Ginger Texturizing SEA Spray. I don’t think they have enough adjectives in the title. This spray was a little disappointing at first because I was expecting it to kinda curl or scrunch my hair. I know it seems obvious that waves are not curls, but I was expecting the sprays to kink up my hair a little. Didn’t happen. Not supposed to happen. Duh.

This one is a good spray, but I do find I have to touch it up throughout the day, or my hair just looks… straggely. Is that a word? Sort of limp and half-assed. It works well with the Sally Hershberger (although the Sally Hershberger is just fine on its own). Why am I including it here? Sometimes it made my hair look kick-ass. Other times, it didn’t. Since I have very fine hair that I wash all the time, I think this is probably a good spray, just not on my mediocre locks.

So here are some pics.

This one is after I first got my bangs, so I’ve had my waves professionally done:


And this is what it looks like today (using the Sally Hersch/Paul Mitchel/ hair in a french twist method)

Heh heh… I sorta have a thing for tops that twist under the boobs I guess. Anyway, picture #2 is on a 100+ degree day in New England humidity, so not too shabby eh? I only used a blowdryer to blow out my bangs, the rest air dried.

So there you go. Not holding these efforts out as, like, America’s Next Top Hair Stylist worthy, but if you’re lazy and inept at hair styling, then these tips might help ya. 😉

Oh and just for grins, this was the inspiration for my bang cut:

Zoeey Deschanel has great hair. Remember when she was a spokesperson for Cotton (TM)? Now they have Camilla Belle and Emmy Rossum. I liked The Zooey, as Enty Lawyer calls her, way way better.