For reals it was good. It’s been busy and I’ve been gone. QUICKLY, we had a fundraiser for ALS research (which I still have to finalize the paperwork for and ship out the over $700 we raised! YEAHHH!)

So even though we had 8 other INCREDIBLE instructors, I’m not going to embarrass them by putting up crazy pics of them on this blog… but I WILL embarrass MYSELF!

(Note to self: Work on closing my mouth) Oops. Duplicate picture. Oh well. It stays.

Very excited about the Booiaka training coming up on Sunday, March 11th in Woburn, MA.

What’s Booiaka?

The best thing about hosting a training? You get to see the merchandise FIRST.

Okay! So I will try and check in again before Sunday. Normal posting will fer sher resume after Sunday’s training. I have a masterclass Friday, regular teaching schedule and was thinking I should maybe get a spray tan because I’m looking a little Casperific in those Zumba pics above, yes?

Very quickly… I was thinking today about the number one thing that holds people back from doing something new and bold. And it’s FEAR. Fear we are not good enough or won’t be able to do it… that the dream isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. That we’ll lose money or time.

The only thing you can do to overcome fear is to do it anyway. Do it afraid. Fear and anxiety doesn’t go away because you’re hiding from it. Your life will not change while you’re sitting on the couch wishing things were different. Do you need help? Do you need partners? PEOPLE OUT THERE WILL HELP YOU.

I am not an organizer. I’m a butterfly chaser. These events have come together because people said, “Hey, lemme give you a hand.” And they did. Workshops have come my way because people have recognized I’d be more than happy to do them. This all somehow convolutedly ties in with a teaching I heard on Genesis 24 about Abraham’s servant needing to find a wife for Isaac. And it seemed impossible to find a woman who would be willing to leave her land to come and marry a stranger, but the servant took a leap of faith and went out to see who was willing to work with him. And lo and behold, someone was kind enough to water his camels. And he never would have achieved that task if he hand’t been out and about… looking for the opportunity.

SO. If you’re waiting for a complete lack of risk before you take the first step to achieve your dream, I’m sorry to tell you… your dream will wither and die on the vine. Get moving Fitties. Get working on those dreams. Time doesn’t wait. What’s the worst that can happen?