Hey Fitties! So I started my “Following the Directions” Challenge on February 10. Almost 3 weeks ago. Wine has happened. Cupcakes have happened. Cookies… pizza…

Hey, I’m human.

But I’m sticking to one shake a day (and in some cases I’ve had two just because they are THAT good and so easy).

So 19 days of 1-2 shakes per day and I’m down 1/2 inch in my waist, almost a full inch in my hips and ONE FULL INCH in my thuttucks. You know where the thuttucks are right? The banana rolls? Where the booty meets the thigh?

Yeah, that’s significant for me.

I work out ALL the time. It’s my job. If a workout were responsible for this, it would have happened in the last 2 years.

I (imperfectly) follow a diet to help lose weight. I use MyFitnessPal, I count calories, I have a meal plan. I’ve been doing this for years. If my imperfect diet was responsible for losing weight, it would have happened in the last 2 years.

My body is at that pretty happy place of being pretty close to goal. It has an extra 5-10 pounds it likes to hang on to because, like all of our bodies, it never knows when the next famine is gonna hit. It wants to keep those fat cells handy. So for me to shrinky even a little bit is a big deal — especially since I wasn’t perfect with my diet. If you’re like me and CLOSSSSE to goal, Shakeology can help. If you’re further away from goal, you lucky devil, it will be even easier for you!

If you need energy (running around after kids all day? on your feet all day? at school? All three?) and good nutrition (ie, training for a marathon or… hi, my name is Elizabeth and sometimes I teach 3 Zumba classes in a day. Help me), Shakeology is for you.

So many people have asked me about Shakeology and then something about it sounds too good to be true. So they “Just.”  Have you met justers? “Oh,” they say, “I’ll just… (usually this is followed by: Work out on my own/ low carb/ go on Jenny Craig/ make my OWN smoothies/ run 5 miles a day to lose weight…)”

This happens all the time — I don’t know if it’s just because people don’t trust me or if they’re afraid of following the directions.

This brings me back to my challenge I started on February 10. Because I was a Juster. “Oh,” I said… “I’ll just…” (use Shakeology when I feel like it/ use half a serving/ rely on workouts to lean me out/ eliminate treat days and never drink wine, eat cheese or cupcakes again).

Unsurprisingly, I didn’t get results doing that. I think we resist the idea of saying, “Yes, I have NO IDEA what to do to get me to the next level, please help me.” I saw it as a lawyer when people would ask me for advice about business and estate planning and go do their own thing. The only time when people would come to me and say “I’m lost, please help me” is when there was really nothing I could do for them. 

Fitness works like that too — the only time people REALLY come hat in hand to me and are willing to follow the directions is when they have 30 days to lose 1000 pounds because they’re going on vacation or something. And then I can’t help them.

I can help you today and ask you to please trust me. I know we want to create our OWN PLAN because then we are masters of our universe and no one can tell US what to do nosireee. Maybe this is an American thing? Our country wasn’t founded and settled by people who followed directions.

So okay, a pioneering spirit is great to over throw a monarch (No taxation without representation!), but if your fitness plan is not producing results, it’s time to shit or get off the pot. Stop dicking around with stuff that doesn’t work, and follow the directions already.

Crass language, but sometimes a girl’s gotta make a point.

Is Shakeology expensive? Well, it’s not free. So I pared down my mani/pedi frequency a bit. I started buying my underwear at Target because I figured if my body is slamming, it will slam just as much in cheap underwear. A pudding-y body doesn’t slam in expensive underwear. Ditto for jeans — a hot body looks hot in $30 jeans. A not-hot body does not look hot just because the jeans cost $200. Sorry. 🙁 I wish it were different.

I also don’t have an iPhone or one of those data plan thingies because, again, I’d rather have a slammin’ body than be able to play words with friends when I’m out in public. Listen, how people spend their money is none of my business. But when I see people dumping $40+ a month on a gym membership they don’t use, $30+ to count points and not getting anywhere and I’m just like… GAH! LET ME HELP YOUUUUUUUUUU! There’s something SO simple and effective that totally works, I just have to shout to the skies and hope that it will help some people. If you are interested in trying this and if you are committed — 100% all in, no ifs ands or “I’ll justs…” LET’S DO THIS THING ALREADY AND GET ON WITH OUR DAY!

Got a text from one of my coaches today (who shall remain nameless, but I bet you can figure out who it is…) that informed me that it’s that time for her (yes, we coaches love to share. You should see my texts to her from the bathroom). She wrote “my tummy still looks pretty normal. Shakeology is my friend.” What a friend indeed! 😉