Hiya Fitties…

My partner in crime (btw, I just learned her super hero name. Are you ready? Wait for it… it’s Fantasta-ass! 😀) had a great idea. As a thank you to her Shakeology customers who receive their goodies via Home Direct, she is offering a $25 Beachbody gift card.

I like her idea and since it’s not like it’s copyrighted or anything (and since she’s pretty well-disposed to me and will tolerate it) I’m STEALING IT.  So get your Shakeology and then.. oh, I don’t know, order some P90x bars (MOCHA!!!) or get yourself some Insanity so you can jump in our upcoming challenge.

So on March 1st, I’m going to randomly pick ONE existing Shakeology Home Direct customer to receive the $25 Beachbody gift card. Not signed up for HD? Well lookie there, you’ve got FOUR DAYS to get on it. You can cancel Home Direct (home direct just means you get autoshipments every 30 days) after your first order ships. Just DON’T FORGET to cancel and you’re golden. Home Direct is good for you because it’s free shipping. Home Direct is good for me because, if you decide to stay on it, I have happy healthy clients. Win-win! Except you win a little more because you ALSO have a gift card.

You’re welcome. I’m such a pushover.

If you’re already my HD customer (hi! Muah!) , no worries, you’re already entered in the drawing (or as they say in Mass: draw-er-ing). If you’re new to Shakeology or you’ve been on the fence, hop on over to my Shakeology page and click the green “order now” button. Leave me a comment if you ordered so I can stalk your shipment.

Happy weekend Fitties!