Hey Fitties! Happy FRIDAY to you!!

Somehow yesterday I managed to get myself into the odd position of teaching 5 classes. On the bright side, I got to dance a lot. On the down side, I have no clean sock or sports bras. And I need to stop washing my hair.

Tonight is my final Friday night Zumba class with my special crew — we’ve been together almost 2 years. We’re not just workout buddies, we’re real buddies. I’m sad to be ending the class (my schedule is just getting too packed and for family reasons I need to start paring back the night classes) but so happy to have this amazing group of people in my life. People sometimes shake their head at the Zumba mania… they don’t get it. And that’s okay. Eat your egg whites and pump your iron. As for me and my fitties, we’re having an absolute BLAST, making friends and memories that will last a lifetime, droppin’ it like it’s hot and, oh yeah, losing a few pounds while we’re at it. 😉 Lots of things are in our future — some of us have gotten certified to teach, some of us are GETTING certified to teach… so even if we’re not together on Friday nights, we’ve built something important. Sort of like fitness apostles, if you will. Sniff.

Okay, enough of that. No tears. No crying in Zumba.

Remember awhile ago I decided to follow the directions on the Shakeology package? Previously, I’d just use it… eh, when I felt like it or when I needed quick fuel on a day like yesterday when it was just a mess of classes and sweat and laundry. So I actually started using it as 1) a meal replacement or 2) a snack replacement (as a snack, I just leave out the add-ins like Peanut Butter or a I use smaller amounts of fruit).

Oh, and 3) a dessert replacement. 😉

When I’d get a sweet craving, rather than treating myself to a cupcake or a fancy coffee, I’d make myself an extra shake. The chocolate is especially delicious (like a Wendy’s Frosty). I’m… adjusting to the Tropical flavor. It’s gritty, because it’s dairy-free. Back in my vegan days, I used to use Amazing Grass protein and the texture is similar (Shakeology is better though — it takes a lot of fruit to make Amazing Grass taste good).

So it’s a little over 2 weeks later, my tummy is flatter, the junk in my trunk is less wobbly and the scale says I’m down 3 pounds (disclaimer: I hate the scale and I wish I could ditch it, but then I wouldn’t have a tool of measurement to discuss with you. It means very little for me to say “My abs looks better.” Unless I post pictures of myself on the internet, which ain’t happenin’).

Where was I?

Oh yeah. Down 3 pounds. Another Zumba instructor is following it and lost FOUR POUNDS the first week (ps, WHY does EVERYONE lose weight faster than I do??)

One thing I’m especially proud of is I haven’t been eating crap. And I think that might be the beauty of Shakeology. Nutrition is important, Fitties. I work out ALL. THE. TIME. But if I eat like shit, I look like shit. True story. Lots of wine + lots of sweets + lots of more sweets = tummy bulges over my Zumba pants. So proper nutrition makes a WORLD of difference in how I look.

As an instructor, proper nutrition also makes a world of difference in how I feel and how much energy I have. I taught FIVE classes yesterday. I’m teaching 2 more today. I’ve got this. I can do this. Why? Because I’m fueling my body well AND I’m not putting crappy sugar in that takes away from my energy.

This post kinda got all over the place from me.

To summarize: It’s Friday. I’m sad my class is ending, but happy that I have a so many awesome peeps that they’ve given me a reason to be sad. I followed the directions and I look and feel my absolute best. And I don’t know why Shakeology works (is it just because it keeps me from stuffing cupcakes into my maw? Maybe, I’ll go with it. Or maybe it IS because all of the superfoods makes me feel better. I don’t care WHY it works, I just care THAT IT WORKS).

Okay, peace out Fitties I gotta go get my bones cracked. Adjusted. Shakeology is good, but it can’t do much for my poor piriformis.