Hey Fitties!

Lots going on today! Mostly working with other fitties and helping them get their classes going and/or start that first step to getting certified. SUPER exciting! My fitness bestie (you may have heard of her a time or two?) is kicking ASS in her bootcamps. She’s also working with new fitness pro’s and helping them get their businesses off the ground.

People helping people, it’s what we’re all about.

First order of business:

Can we please get certified to teach Booiaka (boo-YAH-kuh)?

Please please pretty pretty please?

How gorgeous is Taty (the instructor)? OMG so excited! We have a training coming up on March 11th in Woburn, MA. Contact me to get in!

Also, Teresa and I are putting together a challenge group (I’m thinking Insanity vs. Turbo Fire). We don’t have a lot of room, so we need committed people. If we have enough interest, we might need another team leader, so feel free to contact me if you want in on that.

K, more to come. Lots to do today! And at some point, maybe some laundry should be folded? Maybe?

EDIT: I forgot to mention the chasing butterflies title of this post. HA! The AntiRat says I am chasing butterflies when I go into a store and get distracted by… oh, Birthday Cake Oreo cookies…

When I came in to get ice and chicken breasts. And then I forget what I’m supposed to be doing. Huh wha? ¬†Anyway, that happened to me a lot today. Blog and invite people to shake it… distraction… back to the blog…. oh crap, where’d all these comments come from that I’ve never seen before??? And so on and so on. Today is a chasing butterfly kind of day.