In which I honestly got sucked into reading gossip on the internet and watching Jenna Marbles videos.

Shit. #Fail.

Good things did happen. Classes taught – 3 going on 4. I have to leave in 5.

I also “made my nut” for the month, which is an extremely tacky (yet evocative and accurate) phrase. I’m still new to this exclusively fitness income so I’m still rather befuddled that it’s actually happening. I thanked my Facebook peeps already, but in case some of you aren’t Facebook peeps (whimper whimper ADD ME DAMNIT) THANK YOU Fitties, for not making me be a lawyer anymore. Thank you. ::Kissing your feet in gratitude::

Also, this is going to sound dumb, but my hair looks FABULOUS. I have indifferent hair. It’s neither stick straight nor enthusiastically curly. It sort of looks like Jon Bon Jovi’s hair from the 80s. Slightly grown out perm. The less I do to it, the better it looks. Sweat, especially, is good for the curl (and this is why I don’t post pictures of myself on this blog. She ain’t no supermodel) For some reason, I forgot to do anything to it when I got out of the shower and it’s sproingy! Curly and sproingy.

Anyway, I got called out for my comment yesterday (er, the day before?) that desserts do not have protein powder. My Zumba friend Tiana has declared CUPCAKE WAR and plans to prove you can healthify a cupcake and make it just as amazing as the real, fatty, sugar, skin destroying (why do my pores hate buttercream? WHY? WHYYYY? Another reason you won’t see any pics on my blog anytime soon) thing.

I accept the challenge and, while remaining deeply skeptical, I will give her baked-y goodness my unbiased, neutral, scientifically objective opinion.

Also, if anyone else feels like challenging me and proving me wrong, I think that money sucks and diamonds are ugly. Prove me wrong! Do it! 🙂

BTW, I learned today that if you type “mother@*#(” into Facebook, it automatically populates your mother into the post (if you are friends with her on FB, that is). #awkward.


xoxo fitties