Hey Fitties!

I have a fitness conundrum and I’m interested in your thoughts… after my morning dance class (wait, back up, you need to know about breakfast. Coffee, 2 eggs over medium — with yolks, I have no patience for yolk avoidance — and sprouted grain toast and butter).

So. After dance class (in which I don’t really dance so much as hop and skip with littles) I ran to the store. Which was slammed. And… full of free Valentine’s Day cookies. OH, and one of my little sweetie pies brought me a Valentine’s Day bag with some mini M&Ms and some hershey kisses.

So you know what happened, right? Cookie Monster Elizabeth ate basically nothing but sugar between 9 am and 2:30 pm. And I’m quite full.

But I also haven’t had, like, actual vegetables today. Or protein since those eggs. I’ve got 2 classes to teach tonight (real ones, not just littles).

So even though I’m not hungry, I feel like I should eat. But I’m not hungry. It’s two conflicting principles: Nourish your body and don’t force feed your body.ย 

Very quickly, I just want to make sure also that we’re all on the same page. I love reading health and fitness blogs (such bloggers/blogs are called HLBs or health living bloggers/blogs). This blog, although I’ve been inspired by HLBs, is not a healthy living blog. I think of myself as a fit person, because I can run and do push ups where before… not so much. But I don’t know necessarily that I’m healthy. I mean, I’m not in bad health, mind you, but a healthy person probably is not stupified over whether they should eat broccoli after a face plant into Candyland.

If you’re a regular HLB reader, you probably notice you don’t see a lot of pictures of me or my food. There are a few reasons for that. You won’t find pictures of me posing with my Ciobani because 1) I’m not very photogenic and 2) I am plagued by bad hair days or 3) if my hair looks good my skin looks shit or 4) If the hair and skin are cooperating, I’ve gone on stupid ass hat diet and gained 7 pounds during a month of cheat days. Also, I don’t really eat Ciobani, as delicious as it is, because it’s just not filling enough for me.

I also don’t post a whole lot of food pics because, a lot of the time, healthy food doesn’t look appetizing. Or it sure as shit doesn’t when I take a picture of it with my phone.

The most important reason I don’t post pictures of what I eat is because when you do that you are inviting people to inspect, criticize and/or follow your diet. And my diet isn’t worth that level of attention. I eat, sometimes well, sometimes not so well. I drink wine sometimes in moderation but… usually… not so much. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I don’t want people coming here and thinking that I’m holding out my ramblings as some sort of an example of what a healthy lifestyle looks like. It’s an invitation to discuss or consider some of the things I’ve tried, but don’t think I don’t struggle to keep my diet clean.

A lot of us come from weird backgrounds where this sort of thing is triggering. In fact, one of my biggest complaints about HLBs (and why I read them less frequently) is because they often start out with extremely stringent food rules and 100% of the ones I’ve read regularly over the past 2 years has relaxed their no gluten, veganish, sugar-free food rules considerably. This is important because people lapse in their blog reading and they maybe don’t realize some of these food restrictions didn’t work out in the long run.

And I also believe that exercise is super important and nutrition is too — both for mind and body. I’m not an expert and I haven’t gotten it all figured out, so if you’re trying to figure shit out too, I hope that this blog is kind of a supplement to other stuff. It is, right? Maybe it gives you things to think about. A lot of the time, I think about the mental and emotional aspects of fitness and motivation. Which is why I will post about emotional eating and not post about 10 tips to stick to your diet during Valentine’s Day. When I named this blog “Fit with Lizzie” I didn’t mean I’d make you fit, but that we’d get fit together.

So you’ll notice that my focus here is a lot on the mental game of fitness… figuring out why we eat emotionally, what to do about it and how to cope with life when, for many of us, our coping skills consist of shoveling food into our mouths and gasping for air in between mouthfuls. I haven’t figured it out but I’m still thinking about it and discussing it.

I just wanted to make sure that the distinction between this blog and HLBs was out there, because I know mine looks weird. No oatmeal mixed with 50 different things (oatmeal makes me hungry all day). Yolks stay IN. Cupakes, plural, happen all too frequently. And we do not call something a “dessert” on this blog if it is mixed with protein powder. But we work at it and keep the cupcakes out of the house and try to keep the cork in the wine more often than not.

And in the end, what we eat and what we drink is really such a small part of who we are. It’s Valentine’s Day — who we love and who loves us is a little more important. I hope you have a great day Fitties!