Hi Fitties!

Missed posting last night, sorry. It was a triple header (Zumba, Turbo and PiYo. Thank Chalene for inventing PiYo. Cuz a girl can’t teach cardio all week long). Oh! I have another triple header today! Zumba, PiYo, Zumba and SHIT I gotta go in 10 minutes. 

I love body weight exercises. I don’t lift weights anymore — I mean I DO, but it’s my own body weight. My newbies are surprised at how sore their hands and arms are during PiYo. You know why? Because we don’t lift 105+ pound dumbells, but in PiYo we are lifting MORE than 105. Generally. 😉

So I’ve done a Brazil Butt Lift Throwdown Challenge (harder than I thought) and a Bodyrock 30 day challenge (also harder than I thought, and there were face plants involved. Let’s just say: No more pushups with my feets on the balance ball. EVER. I can’t afford reconstructive surgery). I’m also doing some sort of challenge where I see if I can cut my grocery bill in half just by planning healthy meals ahead of time (the results of this challenge may be slightly skewed by a bacon-buying AntiRat rampage).

Now I’m going to do a WHOLE NEW CHALLENGE.

30 days of… following the directions.

Is it just me? I hate being told what to do. So even though I LOOOOVVVE Shakeology, I use it sporadically. Like… oh, I feel like drinking a chocolate milkshake today, so ta da! I’m having Shakeology.

But the directions don’t say to do that. You can, but the directions say to replace a meal or snack everyday with Shakeology. OF COURSE the directions say that! They want me to use up my bag super fast so I have to buy MORE of it, nice try super sneaky Shakeology people.

Man, I’m cynical.

So last week, it was warm out. Well, for my So Cal readers, it was warm-ish (40s! Yay! Tank tops and flippie time!) So I started drinking my Shakeology that had lingered on the shelf during the colder parts of the winter.

And I was FLYYYYYYING. Tons of energy, teaching classes up the wahoo, diet was pristine… now, I’m a naturally energetic person, but I am NOT a morning person. And I was waking up at 4:30 and 5 to hit my workouts and get my to-do list started.

Oh, and I did some Facebooking too. 😉

So yesterday began a 30 day Shakeology challenge where I keep everything else the same (ie, try to eat cleanly as possible, but sometimes you gotta crack a second bottle of wine. It just has to happen) and see what changes. Do I get leaner? Just crazier? Is it a total flop?

My friend and Zumba goddess Tiana is doing it as well, and I’m sure I can con some others (Hi Teresa!) into trying it also. Anyone else in? This is just an experiment to see if 30 days really DOES make that big of a difference. At this point, my training is as good as it’s gonna get. The only other variable in my appearance is going to be diet-related.

Let me know if you wanna join this delicious self-experiment (did that sound kinda dirty?) and for my dairy-free friends, don’t forget, Beachbody is celebrating my 2nd anniversary with them by releasing THIS masterpiece: