Hi Fitties!

I was chatting with a reader the other day (Hi Bonnie!) and she reminded me of some fitness programs that I desperately NEED to try.

First, of course, there’s the Les Mills Body Pump at home program (that link takes you to my store, btw, disclaimer disclaimer). It sounds pretty sweet and the program includes your own weights and barbell. I’ve tried Body Pump in the gym and I like it, but I feel there’s a lot of pressure to get the equipment set up properly and quickly and not get in anyone’s way and it makes me nervous and awkward.

Then there’s the Barre3 series (which Jenna reviewed over at Eat, Live, Run) and Physique 57 (which Gina the Fitnessista loved).

And then, just because it’s almost Valentine’s Day (and because they showed up in my Amazon recommendations), how about 80% cacao covered chocolate macaroons? HELLO!

I wouldn’t kick these Raw Organic Truffles out of bed for eatin’ crackers either, if you know what I mean.

(Okay, I’m changing the title of this post to: Chocolate I have coveted, and some Fitness programs I kinda wanna try in between bites of chocolate).

I haven’t tried any of the chocolate above (it just looks good), but while we’re talking about chocolate, Taza chocolate is amazing. So different — it’s Mexican style chocolate.  Oooh, they have special Rose and Vanilla chocolates for Valentine’s Day?!?!  And organic cherries and nibs!? Those sound wonderful (true story: I hated fruit in ice cream or mixed with dessert until Cherry Garcia changed my life. Thank you Ben & Jerry!)

I’ve had the Blanxart chocolate bar from Taza, the Chipotle Chocolate, and the Salt & Pepper. It was all unbelievable. They are chocolate magicians.

Holy smokes, their roasted cacao nibs are $52!!  Hey, don’t those look kinda like one of the treats she sold in the movie Chocolat?

Question time!

What’s a fitness program you really want to try?

Or, would you rather have flowers or chocolate on Valentine’s Day (hey, some of the options above are CLEAN…ish!)

Or, wasn’t Chocolat like the best movie EVER?

Or, do you like fruit and chocolate together? Or never the twain shall meet?

Also, go click on those Taza chocolate links like crazy so they think my blog has tons of traffic, maybe they’ll do a giveaway and you can all come over and we’ll glut ourselves on gourmet chocolate and watch Chocolat and drink too much wine.

This post kind of got away from me there. I blame Amazon and their irresponsible recommendations.