Hey Fitties! January is winding down, can you believe it? Tomorrow I have my final hearing as an attorney and then I am well and truly done. God willing, this will also be the end of this poor woman’s probate file, but that’s up to the judge.

Anyway! How are we doing out there Fitties? Many people don’t even make it to January 21st in their resolutions. Have you gone back to your old ways? New paths are hard to stick to. We want to keep going back to the familiar. Our tried and true.

And if you’re truly 100% happy with the tried and true, maybe sticking with it isn’t a bad idea. Maybe you’ve dropped the New Year’s resolutions because you realized you made them out of a sense of obligation. Yeah, you could stand to lose 5 pounds, but you know what? Those 5 pounds don’t bug you and they’re not worth cutting out your daily Lara bar snack or your weekly mocha and chocolate croissant.

Totally fine. You make the decisions that affect your body. As long as you’re not dragging friends from your Weight Watchers group over to Cinnabon after your meeting, I don’t see a problem with it (it’s when you derail other people from fitness that I cry foul, but then, I often have treats at my Zumba classes, so maybe I’m a stinker too).

So if you started strong and you’ve found your commitment waning, I want to know why? Many of my clean eaters received immediate, impressive benefits from cleaning up their diet. No need to starve, just eat real food.

And it’s been tough for some of us (guiltily ducking my head) to keep this up.

Why? Is it because I want the freedom to eat chocolate and drink wine every day? (Yes). Is it because I desire chocolate and wine more than I desire having cut abs? (Also yes). Is it because I like cookies more than I like cans of tuna (Most definitely yes).

Or maybe, for some of us, life gets in the way. And when your day throws you a curve ball, it’s so easy to stop at the drive thru instead of dashing in to the market for a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken and pre-cut, pre-washed green beans.  Or to hit Dunkin’ Donuts when you’re running late to work instead of making a piece of toast with almond butter, grabbing a banana and hitting the door.

In my case, it’s a lack of commitment while in other cases it may just be a lack of planning (also coupled with a lack of commitment).

I think for many of us, we feel good enough. So we initiate these changes but don’t follow through with them.

But if we really feel good enough, why initiate change at all? Why not rest contented in our good-enoughiness and re-arrange our closets instead?

This is a perplexing part of human psychology. Clearly, we’re not truly satisfied with our health or we wouldn’t set new fitness goals. Clearly, we’re pretty satisfied with our health because we’re not following through. What gives? Thoughts?

(Be it know that I’ve eaten cleanly today. Yesterday was also full of clean food. We’ll leave the wine and prosecco out of the conversation. Oh and the martini. Yikes).