Heya Fitties!

Happy Friday to ya’s! Great day today — I’ve taught one Zumba class, one yoga class and I have another Zumba class in the hopper. My evening class is always a lot of fun and they don’t mind getting a little ghetto with the booty. 😉

Yesterday, the AntiRat and I went to a huge wine event in Manchester last night (on the heels of the Boston Wine Expo Grand Cru tasting, this is a lot of wine. Bye bye abs for a little while). Super fun time! And lots of delicious yumminess like fresh cannoli’s… chocolates filled with wine…. oh my gosh, and this spinach artichoke dip. That is my weakness. I just want to bathe in it. mmmmmmm.

So I think I mentioned before a few of us are doing the BodyRock 30 day Challenge? I’m keeping up the best I can with my teaching/subbing schedule. Sometimes there’s a lot going on so I’m barely finishing Week 2 and the rest of the group is on Week 4 (although we started the challenge 4 days behind everyone else, so I guess I’m not THAT far off).

Sometimes you think… well, I’m not doing this as often as I should… or I don’t have the right equipment… or some of the things are wrong for my body (the tricep dips are bad for my carpal tunnel). So I modify and I lag behind everyone and I rig up equipment that’s sorta like the real BodyRockers.

And to be honest, it doesn’t feel like anything is happening. I’m still at the same weight as when I started. It’s HARD. Like, really hard. So I wonder… why am I doing this to myself? On top of everything I already do, why bother? Why not have a glass of wine and catch up on some 90s sitcom that I never got around to watching?

Here are the results of my fit test:

Day 1: Squat Jumps: 30

Week 2: 36

Day 1: Pushups: 10 on toes/ 8 on knees

Week 2: TWELVE on my Toes/ 13 on knees!

Burpees: 12

Week 2: 7 (I was spent from the 25 pushups!)

Switch lunges: 18 plyometric, 6 regular lunges


Tuck jumps: 30

Week 2: 26 (I think the plyometric lunges tuckered me out)

Straight abs: 17

Week 2: 19

As you can see, a few small decreases after I pushed to my absolute max, but some HUGE gains in strength and ability.

That was only after 10 workouts ya’ll! HUGE gains!

Let me tell you: Day 1 of the Fit Test: Hard. Day 14 (or whatever day it was) of the Fit Test: Still hard.

I guess what I’m saying is… doing 10 pushups at a low level of fitness is hard. Doing 12 pushups at a slightly higher level of fitness is equally hard. The exertion doesn’t really feel any different to me. It still sucks ass.

Another example is plank. I dislike plank. I mean, I love doing them because I feel so hardcore when I’m doing them, but they hurt and they’re unpleasant. And you’re not moving, you’re holding still and really focusing on just how damn awful those planks are. It never feels any easier to me.

Except I remember back when I couldn’t really do much more than step my feet into a full plank. Now I can hold it. Holding it is equally difficult as stepping into plank used to be.

So my point is this: If you are pushing yourself when you exercise, you will feel like shit while you’re doing it. Always. It’s just you’ll be able to accomplish a little bit more while you’re feeling like shit.

This is a surprising revelation to me. I guess I just assumed I’d eventually reach a point where it all felt easy to me and I didn’t sweat buckets and suck wind the whole time.

So if you’re thinking that all your hard work isn’t paying off (ie, the scale isn’t moving, you struggle during a workout etc.), start tracking your progress in terms of how many reps you’re doing. How much weight you’re lifting. How long you’re holding your planks. How many pushups you can do on your toes.

Focus on the change in your achievement. You may be surprised at how far you’re coming!