Hi Fitties!

I’m a happy Lizzie this morning… the AntiRat is home from a business trip. It was a short one, but I’m so happy he’s back. I missed him a lot. He also brought me a nice present, even though I’m just glad to have him back. He’s such a nice husband. 😀

So quick post today… at various times, I’ve heard concerns from people considering a group exercise certification. They’re not sure if it’s worth it. There are so many Zumba/TurboKick/Spin instructors out there, they think. There’s not room for another one.

It reminds me of a quote by Seth Godin (sent via the AntiRat): Just because someone is already doing it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it too.

The nature of the marketplace is such that there is plenty of room for competition and innovation. That’s why we don’t just have Ford, we have Ford and Mazda and Porsche and Kia and Volkswagen.

That’s why we don’t just have Macy’s, we have Nordstrom and Saks and Neimans and Bergdorf’s.

Don’t be afraid of a competitive marketplace. There may be a lot of Zumba instructors (or BodyPump or whatever), but they can’t teach every class. How many gyms are in your area? How many dance studios? How many corporate spaces that want to implement a group ex program? How many schools/churches/VFW halls? Some of those spaces don’t even HAVE an exercise program yet. Some of them do but they need more instructors.

You may have to call around to get your foot in the door, but once you’ve got your foot in the door, people are going to try to yank you in by that foot and have you teach more classes than you know what to do with.

Don’t be afraid that you might have to work hard to do this. There’s room for you out there, you have to make it happen.