Hi Fitties!

Can you believe we’re over half way through January? How are those New Year’s Resolutions going? Not to boast, but every single person who is involved with my eating/workout accountability groups is pretty much rocking their asses off. 😉 If you’re lagging on your goals and if 2012 is looking just like 2011, time to shit or get off the pot ya’ll.

BTW, did I mention my New Year’s Resolution? It’s to “run with the willing.” When I began teaching fitness in 2009, I was very cognizant of my own fitness baggage. Of “trying” to get fit and sabotaging myself. Of being lost and aimlessly flitting from program to program. So I was very sensitive and… soft with people. And sometimes, that’s good. And sometimes… that’s enabling and it’s not doing anyone any favors.

You’re strong, you can do it, make the decision and get it done. When I was figuring fitness out in my 20s, there was no Facebook. There were no blogs. There were no people posting about what they did that day to be healthy. Now there is all that stuff. It’s everywhere. It’s largely free. You have NO EXCUSE. If you’re not doing it, it’s because you don’t want to.

That’s totally fine. But just keep that in mind. Own it. I’m not getting fit right now because I DON’T WANT TO.

The truth shall make you free.

K, but that brings me to today’s topic. Speaking of things that weren’t around when I was in my 20s and trying to lose weight (I’ve lost 27-30 pounds since college, have I mentioned that? 3 of those pounds bounce on and off depending on my wine and cupcake intake, but I’ve been pretty stable other than that): the Biggest Loser phenomenon. You know the shows where deconditioned people get on a treadmill for 14 hours a day or howling trainers strap themselves to some hapless victim’s back and yell “MUSH!” and the trainee runs around the gym dragging the fitness demon?

Those shows are criticized and a bit unrealistic, but they do burn themselves into our psyche. I’m going to train and train and train and the weight is going to fall off. Trouble is…. that sort of non-stop training leads to overuse injuries. If you’re injured, you can’t train.

Plus, a lot of people transform that already dangerous message of “more is better” to “MORE than more must be even better”. So if the Biggest Losers train for 14 hours and take 2 rest days, we’ll train for 16 hours and take NO rest days.

And then injuries happen. Not good. Injuries don’t get you closer to your fitness goal. They get you farther from your fitness goal.

So it’s important to avoid injuries in the first place. Here’s how:

1) Work with a professional or use professionally created products. Use the trainers in your gym or if you’re an at home workout-er, try a home program that gives you a training schedule. Beachbody programs tell you when to workout AND when to rest. They also give you eating plans. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS!

2) REST. Listen, even God rested. Rest is when your body rebuilds itself. It’s the rebuilding that makes you stronger. You tear your muscles up during the workouts and when you rest your body puts it all back together — but stronger than it was before.

3) Fuel yourself. Your body cannot rebuild itself out of glutamates, aspartame, and rice cakes. Eat real food. Eat enough of it.

So what if you start feeling pain while you’re working out? We’re all pushing during our workouts (we want to feel “comfortably uncomfortable”) but pain is often a bad sign. Burning in the muscles, that’s pretty common. Ripping, tearing, grinding, snapping = STOP.

Get it checked out by your medical professional of choice. That might be a physical therapist or a chiropractor or a primary care physician or a sports medicine doctor or an orthopedist… but have it looked at. Sometimes, you might just get a little twinge and it’s no biggie. But sometimes, those little twinges are signs of something that’s about to BECOME a biggie, so have it looked at. K?