Hi Fitties! Happy Friday!

Super busy day ahead of me — already taught 1 Zumba class and I have a 2.5 hour event ahead of me. Gotta get my BodyRock in for the day and do a host of errands. And the weather’s crappy so I have to allow extra time for that.

I just wanted to give a quick check in with the results of the first 10 Day Clean Eating Challenge of 2012. My Challengers have lost between 3-9 pounds in 10 days.

Unhealthy? Dangerous, you wonder?

Well, if they’d been eating nothing but cream cheese and pork rinds or cabbage soup, possibly. But all they did was eliminate booze, sugar, and processed foods.

For some, the scale had been stuck for a long time. Eating clean got it moving again.

One of the things I dislike about some of the commercial diets out there (you know the ones) is they make you think that “healthy” or “nutritious” food is summed up in the calorie content. Ie, a bag of 100 calorie cookies is “healthier” than veggies with avocado puree.

I’ve known many people who have struggled to lose weight eating processed food. Why? Because, for one thing, processed food tastes preternaturally awesome. Nothing in nature tastes like a warm chocolate chip cookie. You can’t sit down and eat 12 spinach salads with chicken breasts — your tastes buds would say NO MORE after the first 2. But how many chocolate chip cookies can you eat?

Or bags of Dorittos?

Or french fries?

Lots, right? Moderation with those things doesn’t work.

And so what often happens is people think, “Okay, well, this program gives me 1300 calories to eat (so low in calories. so sad. so ouchie), so I’ll have 300 calories worth of chicken and brocoli and 1,000 calories of cookies.”

And they feel hungry and miserable because they don’t have real food in their bodies and they say “screw it” and go off their diet and eat cookies all they want because dieting obviously doesn’t work.

If you’re struggling and paying God knows how much money for packaged foods or whatever systems and they’ve stopped working? If you’ve lost 100 pounds on South Beach Diet (because you’ve done it 10 times and you lose 10 pounds each time but you gain it right back) and for some reason South Beach just isn’t working anymore…

Try it. I DARE you. I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU. Try eating real food for 10 days. You don’t even have to count calories. You might be a little hungrier the first few days as your body shouts “HOT DAMN! SHE’S FINALLY PUTTING NUTRIENTS INTO ME!” but eventually things will subside.

I’m not a dietician or a doctor and consult a medical professional, but really? Will a doctor caution you against removing packaged foods, alcohol and sugar from your diet? Doubtful.

Let me know how it goes.