Hi Fitties! It’s a new year (sorta, I mean, we’re a few weeks in and pretty much stone cold sober on an hourly basis, so now it’s starting to feel like an old year).

But whatever, it’s January 2012, which means resolution time which means some people are going to the gym for the first time OR are going BACK to the gym for the first time in a long time.

The other day I posted some hilarious tips about the gym that still make me laugh. I also have other posts on this site giving newcomers tips about group exercise classes:

1. Your First Group Exercise Class (that’s for students. If you’re thinking about teaching your first group ex class, your post is here.)

2. What to do if you don’t like your Zumba instructor (or any group ex instructor)

3. Feeling awkward and weird when you’re new at the gym

4. How to get the most out of your Zumba class

5. Staying the Course

Those will get ya started.

Now for my non-newbies out there…. remember: You were once new as well. You were that person in class who didn’t know what group ex was all about or what those big bouncey ball things were for.

It’s like the first day of school (true story: My first day of school in the “big kids” part of elementary school, I used the boys’ bathroom because I couldn’t find the girls’ bathroom and in the kindergarten section of school, there was just one unisex bathroom for boys and girls to share).

So if you see the adult equivalent of a 1st grader doing the pee pee dance in your club, be a peach and help a homeboy or girl out will ya? Maybe even make a new friend! I dare you. Make a new friend this week at your club!

And do me a favor — even though you are COMPLETE and total rockstars in your group ex class, be patient while your instructor shows variations that will let the newbies have fun too. YOU can keep rocking out! If your instructor slows things down a bit or modifies the squats or takes out some of the plyometric, you can kick up the intensity. It’s okay!

You can always make moves more or less intense in a class — that’s totally acceptable — so long as they are roughly the same moves. Example: Pirouettes in Zumba while your instructor is tapping from side to side = not cool. And a little pretentious and you’ll probably get mocked in the instructors’ Facebook forum (sorry, we’re a supportive, loving bunch and we never laugh at genuine earnest students who are giving it their all, but all bets are off when it comes to showing off. Don’t be the show off who has to prove to everyone she jussssst missed being in the off-off-off-off-Broadway chorus).  BUT doing deep squats while your instructor is only tapping from side to side is totally legit! Got it?

And, my newbies, that works in reverse — if your instructor is hell bent for glory (as my mama would say) and squating, you can just tap your feet side to side.

Yes? All on the same page?

GREAT! Have a fit day my Fitties!



EDIT: OMG FITTIES! The story above was NOT the only time I’ve used the men’s/boys’ room when under stress. That’s weird, huh????