Hi Fitties!

I’m back! Getting back into the habit of regular blogging. Go Lizzie!

Yesterday was an amazing day — the court found my filing, my former boss and good friend is doing well with his chemo treatment and will be sent home this Friday, a good friend found a job, I had an awesome audition yesterday… the list goes on! Thank you all for your support and prayers while I’ve worked to get over a big steaming pile of poop. Hopefully the poop is over for awhile. 😉

Tomorrow marks the final day of my 10 day Clean Eating challenge. I still get people coming up to me and asking “What IS that? What do I do? What book do I buy? What plan do I follow?”

No plan. Eat real food, don’t eat shit. The end. If you want shit (?), have it on a special occasion so that it is a treat (see earlier discussion of concept of “treat.” If you do it everyday, it is no longer a treat). Digression: Someday, I really must sit down and figure out why we think that putting poisons into our bodies is a way to celebrate. Probably ‘cuz it tastes and feels so good when it hits your lips. The challenge is this: No booze, no sugar (fruit does not = sugar in this sense, I mean sucrose sugar) and no processed foods (unprocessed food is food that comes from a plant or animal AND must be able to be consumed with relatively simple effort. I will not engage in a whole list of “what about this or that” because I will die someday, and that’s not the hill I choose to die on).

The results are looking good for my challengers. Some elbees lost (get it? Lbs?), shrinkier tummies, tighter tushies… all in 10 days without punishing regimes or pocket calculators or expensive plans. My abs are back baby!

And yet… my eyes move south. My thighs are so big. My arms are so squishy. Or… how about… the scale is only down a pound?

I think women especially have a tendency to overlook the good things (ie, flatter tummy, better energy, overall better HEALTH) and focus on the negative. I don’t have toothpick legs (probably never will actually), the scale doesn’t show a number I want…

The problem with always focusing on the negative about yourself is that, first, you’re never truly happy with yourself. You miss your good qualities. It’s also easy to think “well, who cares if my stomach is flat and I feel good, my thighs still suck…” and give up on your program. No eating plan is going to give you a photoshopped body, unfortunately. So the goal should be to find a program that you can live with that doesn’t make you and your entire family miserable (it is no fun living with people who can’t eat anything because their diet plan only allows them to eat broccoli and cottage cheese. Blech).

That plan should make you the best version of yourself you can be. When I was first getting into fitness, I was told that our body shape (Apple, Spoon, Hourglass, Ruler, Triangle) is genetically determined. You can use weight training to balance out your body (ie, shape your shoulders to balance out a Spoon shape), but the goal is not to change a Spoon into a Ruler or a Ruler into an Hourglass. It’s futile. The goal is to make you the most shapely, fit and strong person you can be (I am a Spoon, by the way). So my goal is to be a teaspoon instead of a ladle. I had big thighs when I was a size 12 and as a size 6 guess what? Thighs are still big. Not as big as they WERE, but obviously, my physical fitness is head and shoulder above where it used to be. I can run! I can dance! My back problems are almost completely gone (You can’t teach 10 classes a week and not need a little back attention from time to time)!

So I challenge you: the next time someone compliments you, fight the temptation to say, “Yeah but….” and point out a flaw that drives you crazy. When you’re inspecting the results of your hard fitness work, take it easy on some of those genetic things you can’t do much about. Praise yourself for the cuts you’re seeing in your arms or the fact that you are doing pushups on your toes. Ask yourself if you are better today than you were yesterday. If the answer is yes, then you did good.

Take care Fitties! See you soon!