Hi Fitties! I’m so sorry… 12 days? Wow. On the other hand, if you knew what I’d been up to at work, you’d send me wine and cigars.

Maybe flowers.

Or a puppy.

Anyway. Apologies. As always. New Year = uninterrupted blogging.

Part of my business involves baking treats for various gatherings.

And also…. recovering from egg nog and wine indulgences. #ouch

But can we make a pact? Can we discuss something?



1. Something, such as one’s food or entertainment, that is paid for by someone else.
2. A source of a special delight or pleasure: His trip abroad was a real treat.


Typically, a treat is something that is special. If it is special, it is not something that occurs on a daily or even multiple times per day basis. That is, if one has something 1-3 times per day, it has ceased to be special and it has become… habitual. Normal. Quotidian, if you will.


(I’m sorry, the AntiRat and I started watching Frasier and when I blog I hear his voice in my head).


I used to be a healthifier of treats. Whole wheat flour subbed for white, honey or maple subbed for sugar, etc. and so forth.


The problem is that desserts seldom taste quite… right when you’ve subbed in applesauce for butter, dates for sugar, soy milk for cream and flax seed meal for oil. It’s close but not quite right.


But if you are eating things only occasionally, that is, as special indulgences, there’s really no need to “healthify” the treats. I mean, if your desserts contain lead-based paint and asbestos, by all means healthify away.  But the occasional white flour treat really won’t kill you. It really will not. Sure, margarine and corn syrup really are from the devil, but even eating those once or twice a year won’t cause you to spontaneously combust.


You don’t need to make cakes based out of protein powder (which, last time I checked is an incredibly processed food).  I’m just saying this in the spirit of Christmas. Santa doesn’t eat Stevia, for God’s sake!  Clark Griswold did not get hammered on Soy Egg Nog! And Ebenezer Scrooge did not give Bob Cratchit a seitan Christmas goose. Just eat the real food. If you can’t at Christmas, then what point is there? Really?