Hey Fitties!

Can I just say I need, like, a spa retreat or something? For realz. I feel like I just need to go, decompress and just not make a to-do list for a week. Pedicures and massage optional. 😉

My dream would be to go to a place like Big EZ Lodge in Montana. It’s sort of my dream vacation right now.

Check out their photo gallery and you’ll see why. I wonder if they need a yoga instructor? 😀 😀

Even though I need a break from the to-do list (and the things I ignore on the to-do list), I don’t need a break from working out. I need MORE! Give me MORE!

You probably know I exercise quite a bit. Like… I dunno, 6 hours of cardio classes (sometimes more, sometimes a shade less) and 2-3 strength/flexibility classes, plus my own rehearsal days and strength training.

And sometimes people say things like, oh, you can skip a day… you workout all the time. Well, the truth is, I really can’t. Or, more accurately, I can but I feel like hell if I do. I mean, yeah, I have Sunday rest days (even God rested, you know?), but the rest of the time, I like to move it move it.

The last few Thursdays, I haven’t taught my usual PiYo class — once because of Thanksgiving and another time because the AntiRat had surgery. Today, I filled in for another instructor’s yoga class and my everything hurt. Usually by about my 3rd or 4th Sun Salutation, the joints are lubed and the muscles are ready for stretching. That didn’t happen today. Instead I felt stiff and “off” during the whole class. I really had to back off my practice because I could feel my hips and back protesting the asanas. So I just focused on breathing and doing my best to listen to what muscular objections.

Another thing people say to me is: “Oh, well, I can’t do what you do. I’m not as young as you.”

I call BS. When I was in my early 20s, I was in a series of really stupid car accidents. No one died or anything, but man, was my back and neck a horror show. Sometimes, it would just freeze when I would check my blindspot or if I flipped my head around too much at a concert.

So I was really careful. I didn’t lift heavy weights because sometimes I’d get neck strain. Instead of using pristine form and building strength into the weak parts of my body, I avoided twisting postures and ab exercises for fear of straining my neck. The ironic thing was that the more I babied my body and treated it like a weak, delicate instrument, the weaker and more delicate it became.

The beauty of the human body is that physical stress actually makes your body stronger. You body says, “Uh oh, look at this crazy thing she’s doing now, we better get our act together so we can deal with this!”

And before you know it, your body is stronger, more flexible and more capable. And if you stop challenging your body, you really see that weakness, frailty and stiffness is our lot in life.

Now, this doesn’t mean if you’re nursing an injury you should jump up and go run a marathon. But it does mean it’s time to start doing something. Even if it’s a walk around the block. A swim in the pool (this is ideal if you have joint problems or other injuries). Or try some gentle stretching.

It means if you have physical reasons why exercise hurts, you move heaven and earth to find a professional trainer, physical therapist or orthopedist who can help you get exercises to strengthen and correct your body. Maybe it means getting massage or chiropractic or myofascial release. But it does not mean that you settle in with a batch of cakepops and wait for the Grim Reaper to collect you with a forklift.

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.  ~ D. Thomas

Rage on Fitties!