Hi Fittie Friends!

Happy Thanksgiving to ya’s! I’ve been awake since 5ish with a peppermint schnapps-induced headache (gettin’ old is a BITCH, lemme tell you!) but it’s a holiday so I’m glad I’m up to get some chores done. 😉

Last night we had a fairly healthy meal (salmon, broccoli, white wine) which quickly devolved into “Hmmm, let’s have some stinking cheeses…” to “hey, I think we have chocolate..” to “hey, let’s melt some chocolate and make hot cocoa and mix some booze in there so I can wake up with a headache in the wee hours of the morning.”

Sometimes, I think I am 5 years old.

So I’m UP and I’ve got plans to get a workout in today — possibly 2 workouts. I’m gonna do a little strength training with Chalene (one of the Lean workouts from ChaLEAN Extreme, my favorite program!) since it’s my strength day and a Turbo Fire workout. Not sure which one though.
I’m not cooking today, which feels a little strange, but I think I’ll get over it. I was supposed to make stuffing, but since I’m the only one who actually loves it, I figure I can give ‘er a skip this year. Laziness won out over gluttony. Besides, the AntiRat is making duck fat mashed potatoes, so I’m sure I won’t be going hungry. 😉

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you Fitties out there! I hope it’s a great day full of family and friends.