Hi Fitties!

Whew! It has been a very emotionally draining and exciting day. I don’t know if you could tell from my tone here, but some big changes have been in the works for me. Although I’ve mentioned elsewhere that my days as a lawyer were numbered, I didn’t really realize how short those numbers were.

Today, I resigned from what will hopefully be my last legal job everrrr. My heart and soul already feel lighter thinking about all those listserve emails I can unsubscribe to! CLE notifications? SEE YA! Bar dues? Wouldn’t wanna be ya!

This is just a quick update to let you know that I will be wrapping up my lawyering responsibilities through the end of the year and moving exclusively into my teaching and coaching (with maybe a little social media freelancing on the side to keep me in manicures and pedicures).  For those of you who have come to my classes (or hired me to teach classes!), shopped in my Beachbody store and just gave me the strength of your support and faith, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

I have said it before and will say it again: I can’t do what I do (what I LOVE to do) unless people show up willing to have a good time. I count as my blessings the people who have come into my life willing to go a little crazy with me once a week — and sometimes more often!  I know many others have hopped on this strange path with me along the way (Hi Donna! Amanda! Jenna! Teresa! Holly! Kathryn! Angie! Veronica! Robyn!) and I appreciate so much that I’m not out here alone. Studio owners and group ex directors have been so gracious to take a chance on new programs for their spaces and their encouragement and belief in what I do means so much to me. 

So I just want to thank you all again and again and again and, in case you forget, to thank you AGAIN for making this dream come true for me.  For all those who are leaving me “atta girls” on Facebook so I don’t have time to wonder if I’ve gone crazy, I thank you as well!

It really is possible to live the life you dreamed of, my Fitties. You can’t do it alone, you need friends and mentors along the way, but you can do it. I believe in you the way you believed in me.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, I’m off to do that thing I do. 😉