Hey Fitties.

It’s me.

Yeah, long time.

Still kinda sick, getting better.

I had a bloggy post all dialed up… real cerebral shit… it referenced Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past, which the self-important academic side of my personality (admittedly not my most attractive side) was pompously pleased with.

And I waited too long between bouts of brain cloudiness to post it, my login to WordPress timed out and blogger ate most of it.

God always has a way of keeping me humble. For realz.

So remember how I stink?

Yeah, you get body odor instead. Blame WordPress. Remember? Basically, like, when I didn’t workout that often, I didn’t smell that bad when I sweated.

No really. I know you’re saying, uh, Elizabeth, you probably just didn’t THINK you smelled bad when you sweated.

No, trust me. I smell myself now. I have NOOOOO trouble telling when there is stank. For some reason, the more I work out, the stankier I am.

Possibly, it’s just because my clothes hold the stank. So when I’m wearing a year old sports bra, there’s like, 250+ sweat sessions in that bad boy.

So I’ve tried everything. Vinegar. Baking soda. Vinegar AND baking soda. Soaking. Using the sanitary wash cycle (incidentally, this works, but it boils all of the colors out of your clothes, so you teach class in smear-y looking pants).

I took to Twitter with this issue and some nice soul sent me a bottle of Nikwash which worked amazing but it’s pricey and considering how often I teach, it’s just not practical.

So then I started adding dribbles of tea tree oil to the wash water (you can buy straight up TTO from Trader Joe’s) and that seems to do the trick. It’s not perfect, but it’s a lot better. There’s nothing worse than buying a $29 Zumba tank and having to toss it because you can’t stand the way you smell in it.

So it you’re like me (frugal and stinky), try the tea tree oil. It gives you clothes a sort of medicinal scent, but when it dries that scent is pretty much gone. And medicinal > BO any day. Trust me.