Hi Fitties,

I have a real, insightful post coming at you. Eventually. Between balled up wads of kleenex.

But first.

Let’s play… Why is?

My favorite gossip blogger, Lainey, has this game she plays. Why is [insert name of person whose publicist keeps assuring you is amazing, talented, the next big thing and whom you see everywhere but you never see doing actual good work]?

It’s a subtle game. It’s not just total irrelevance, because with today’s media, any yokel can suddenly become relevant simply by twitching and singing about pants on the ground, screaming “don’t tase me bro!” as they’re escorted out of a political event or by having sex on top of a building on their college campus in broad daylight (you have to go search for that video on your own).

It’s more like… given the amount of productive contributions this person makes, why is he or she thrust in my face so often?

My Why is for today are the Kardashians.

They have neither brains, kindness, talent nor beauty. They are simply good at raising fake drama. And yet…. and yet…. they’re still around. Getting headlines. Posing for pictures like this:

What the what? The tackiness, it hurts my eyes! I just don’t understand why this pee-stained famewhore and Boris Karloff in drag are remotely relevant. For getting their nails done every 5 minutes? For fake weddings? Fake squabbling? Why? WHY!?!?!

Okay, I just had to get that out of my system. Anyone else want to play Why is?