Hey Fitties! Note to self: Posts containing dessert descriptions and pictures of Edward from Twilight drive the ladies WIIILLLD.

Note to the fellas out there. 😉

Do I have fellas out there?

Doubtful. This site is awfully pink.

Drive by post today. It’s Lawyering Wednesday, which I have re-named bacon Wednesday (guess why?) and I have to get my dance bag put together for Zumba tonight at 6. Wednesdays are tricky — the class is one of my very favorite groups (okay, they’re all my very favorite, but I do love seeing these students). The pain is I usually have to change in my car on the way to class. 😉

K, hope to catch up with ya’ll later. Anyone else get the Christmas music blazing yet?

My favorite station is Pandora Jim Brickman Holiday, if you’re in the market for some music. Pandora + Roku has REVOLUTIONIZED my holidays.

I also like Mistletoe Swing, which is a swingy, 40’s style version of our favorite holiday songs/carols. I heard it in a store once and after dancing with strangers for an hour to it, I bought the thing and the owner of the store called to offer me a job.

It’s a good CD. 😀