Hey Fitties!

Today is the first Elf viewing of the holiday season.

I’ve got back to back Turbo and Zumba today and then I’m officially DONE with the crazy back to back schedule of October. No more! (This edict will probably last an entire week).

I read a funny analogy today describing the relationship between man’s reason and appetites (or, if you prefer, ego and id):

Dr. Haidt describes our minds and bodies (and by bodies he means not just our corporeal bodies but the working mechanisms of our bodies) as being akin to a rider on the back of an elephant.  Our conscious, thinking minds he casts in the role of the rider, and the rest of us as the elephant.  The rider can control the elephant as long as the elephant wants to be controlled.  And if the elephant is okay with being steered and directed, then to all appearances, the rider is in control.  But, if the elephant has other ideas, the rider basically just goes along for the ride.


This rogue elephant scenario is what Dr. Haidt thinks happens to us from time to time.  Our rider (the conscious part of us) wants us to do something, but the elephant part of us doesn’t want to, and so the rider just hangs on for the ride while the elephant goes wherever it wants to go. (Excerpted from Dr. Eades’ blog)

The Dr. Haidt referred to is the author of The Happiness Hypothesis. As someone who struggles with competing appetites, I’m interested in checking this book out. I encourage you to read Dr. Eades post — it was fascinating.

Okay, I gotta scoot. See you Fitties later. “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?”