Hey Fitties!

Any disco fans out there catch the reference? Last chaaaannnce…. foo-rrr LOOOOVE.

Interesting LizzieFact: My first job was as a clown. I held signs for new real estate developments and danced to disco. Which is probably why you will not find much disco in my Zumba class.

Speaking of Zumba, I mooned the class I was subbing for on Sunday. Not intentionally, but my pants started shredding up the seam. I didn’t notice it until the last song. Classy Elizabeth.

There are two competing values when you teach group ex. One is reducing your laundry as much as possible (and eliminating visible panty lines). The other is having coverage over your rumpus in case your pants fall apart.

I’ve suddenly decided rump coverage wins out.

Last night was my last Zumba class at Workout Club Manchester. I’m totally bummed because this was my first big group of students who “got” me as an instructor. They liked my songs. They laughed at my (completely inappropriate) jokes. They clapped, they sang, they shook, they sweated. The instructor sets the tone for the class, it’s true, but the students really make or break a class. And if the students are willing to go crazy and have fun, it takes your class up to an 11.

But the gym unexpectedly closed and last night was our final time together. 🙁 And I am truly, truly sad about that. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone, students and staff, for bringing your support, positivity and joy to class.

On the bright side: I’ll be transferring to the Hooksett Workout Club and teaching Zumba there Wednesdays at 6. It sounds like most of the Manchester group will be there too, which makes me happy. The sound system is new, which blisses me out to no end. Not everyone will be able to make it to Hooksett, and that makes me sad because everyone brought their own little flavor to the group. But as long as they Zumba on, I’ll be happy. 🙂

So, from time to time, people ask about my teaching schedule. I have my Google Calendar synched up with the class Calendar on this page (look at the top of the page… tippy top. Class Calendar. See it?) so any time I update my schedule it will show up on this blog.

Also, on this blog, if you look to the right at Upcoming Events (below my Twitter feed), my upcoming classes automatically post there from my Google Calendar. Thank you Google and thank you AntiRat for setting all that up!

Sometimes I have special classes (like Friday October 21 at 5:30 — I have Turbo Kick coming up at the Nashua Athletic Club! Guest passes for first timers are available or the drop in rate is $12!) or I’m subbing (Halloween Zumba at Focus on Fitness! 4:30!) and I put those on the calendar and mention them here or on Facebook.

My schedule generally looks like this:

  • Mondays: 7 pm Zumba, Workout World Nashua (membership required)
  • NEW for the month of November: Hip Hop Hustle, 10 am at the Dance Company NH, $45 for 4 week class series!
  • Tuesdays: 6 pm Hip Hop Hustle, 7 pm PiYo, Focus on Fitness in Manchester, NH (guest passes available, not sure about drop ins)
  • Wednesdays: 6 pm Zumba, Workout Club Hooksett (I believe drop ins are available)
  • Thursdays: 4:30 pm PiYo, Best Fitness Nashua (membership required, guest passes available)
  • Fridays: 7 pm Zumba, The Dance Company NH, Amherst, NH ($7 to drop-in)

Whew! Did you make it through that?

Best bet, if you just want to drop in somewhere, come see me on Friday nights in Amherst. We’ll be done by 8, so if you’re an old lady past her clubbin’ days (like me) you’ll be back home, showered and nursing your glass of wine in your jammies before 9:30. If you’re a whippersnapping clubber, you’ll be showered and in your spandex and ready to pre-party before 10. Let’s face it, nothing good is happening at the clubs before 10 anyway. So come Zumba, pick up some stripper moves and burn of the Apple Martinis you plan on drinking.

New songs!
Shawty Got Moves

Bananza/ Belly Dancer


Have a great day Fitties! <3