Hey Fitties!

So my vacation is officially over, my digestion has returned to normal. 😉 TMI? Of course. That’s what I’m about. Anyone else? Whenever I travel, my digestion goes on high alert lockdown. Hormonal issues also abound, but that’s another post. Sometimes I wonder if the two are related. Typically, healthy eating (and Shakeology, which has lots of probiotics) keeps me square when I travel… except for when I’m traveling for the express purpose of eating too many local cheeses, wines and charcuterie. Then all bets are off.

So that’s what’s up with me today. Making up for lost bathroom time and offering up fervent thanks to God that things are operating properly again. I had to wear a strategically placed scarf yesterday to cover my belly pooch.

TMI again?

So now that Columbus Day is over, it’s getting to be that time again… HOLIDAY time. Pumpkin time. Cider time! Mulled wine time! Stuffing and pie time. Christmas music time!

And certain holiday movies that must be watched in order.  First, does anyone remember the Disney’s Sleepy Hollow from 1958? I doubt many of my readers remember it originally, but the Disney channel used to play it around Halloween? I LOVED it.

Good news. You can watch it on You Tube!


Then, of course, we have to watch the Johnny Depp Sleepy Hollow. You know, for, um… comparative lit purposes… 😉

The Shining also makes a Halloween appearance as well as the original Haunting. That should take us nicely into Thanksgiving, when it’s time to watch Home for the Holidays.

Then it’s time for Christmas and The Ref, Love Actually, The Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation. It sounds like a lot of TV, but the thing I love about these movies is the ability to conjure up the memories of previous holidays. It’s sort of Proustian, except with cheesy movies instead of delicious Madeline cookies.  If you’re having a terrible day, sometimes a holiday movie can lift your spirits in a pinch and you can trick yourself into those happy holiday feelings. Or you can eat chocolate. Or eat chocolate while watching holiday movies!

Anyway, those are my personal holiday prep activities. I do actually do the stuff like celebrating peace on earth and goodwill to men… counting my blessings and offering thanks for them… after I watch my movies, of course. 😉

Are you excited for the holidays? What do you do to prep yourself?