Hey Fitties!

I’m BACK! Oh golly what a time we had in the Hudson Valley! We didn’t take a lot of pictures because we were soaking up the vacation time, but here are some of the things we did:

Visited FDR‘s home/presidential library and took the tour

Tasted wine at Kedem, Millbrook, Clinton, Glorie, Stoutridge, Brotherhood and BenMarl. It was my first time tasting the seyval blanc grape and I really enjoyed it. Clinton Vineyards Seyval Blanc is just truly delicious. I also enjoyed BenMarl’s wines a lot and Glorie had some tasty offerings. Brotherhood is American’s oldest winery and felt a bit touristy, but they had the cheapest méthode champenoise champagne ever — $10! It’s really expensive to make champagne in the méthode champenoise, so we picked up quite a few bottles for a rainy day. 😉 I’m not saying it’s going to win any accolades from Robert Parker’s buddies, but it was enjoyable and about $20 cheaper than offerings from other wineries.

Had delicious seafood at The River Grille in Newburgh, local food at Terrapin in Rhinebeck and tasty woodfired pizza from Cosimo‘s.  Terrapin’s food was so good but their service was so ridiculously inefficient and unfriendly. Our waiter was nice but their hostess needs a personality transplant and some Midol ASAP. Sorry to say it. It doesn’t matter how sustainable and artsy fartsy your food is if you can’t manage to get people seated properly.

On our last day we enjoyed the beautiful weather and took a roughly 3 mile round trip walk on the Scenic Hudson Valley Walkway.

And of course (of course!) we stopped off in Sleepy Hollow to see the Old Dutch Church and the burying ground where Ichabod Crane met up with a certain horsemen of American lore… this is the oldest church in New York! I really enjoyed seeing it. Sleepy Hollow is an ominous feeling place. The woods are swallowed up with underbrush and ivy so the dense trees are made even thicker and darker. The ivy also drips down from the branches — which are twisted and gnarled — which lends the trees a deformed, unhealthy look. We have plenty of woods in our parts but Sleepy Hollow’s woods are creepy looking. I can see why a tale of headless horsemen would have been so deliciously frightening in that area.

We also stopped off at Adams Faireacre Farms grocery store on our last day in New York. They had a great selection of local cheeses and meats and I got THREE types of pâté.

So I’m pretty much in heaven even though I have the post-vacation belly bloat going on right now. I always overdo it on vacation. It’s new, exciting and delicious foods so I just can’t help myself. Not to worry, I’ve got plenty of Zumba ahead of me to take it off!

In other exciting news, I got new Zumba shoes! I’d been having some shoe drama of late. I needed to replace my old pair but Target doesn’t make those wonderful shoes anymore. I bought a similar pair but they’re SLIPPERY (and I think contributed a bit to a recent groin injury). One of my students recommended these running shoes from Sketchers and I finally have success!

Even though the description says they are shape up shoes, the bottoms are flat like a regular shoe (with hearts!) I don’t know how exactly these are shape ups since they don’t have that wobbly bottom. Those wobbly bottomed shoes are not recommended for Zumba, so if you see the “shape up” description on my shoes, don’t take it as an endorsement of those other kinds. Those can lead to injury.

K Fitties! I’m off! Good to be back!