Hey Fitties!

Okay, I know, I missed Friday and I’m SORRY. I really am. I taught 7 classes in the last 6 days, 2 of which were brand new. So my brain space has been limited.

Extra super dupe special thank you’s to those who came out for my Hip Hop Hustle and Turbo Kick classes this week — I love ya! What a blast we had! If you’re working out and not laughing your ass off, you need a new workout! So sayeth… um, ME!

The great news is I’m also adding a new PiYo class to the weekly line up at Best Fitness in Nashua. I’m so excited because it’s a great club and I used to be a member there before Zumba teaching swallowed up my life and I didn’t have time to go to the gym anymore. I LOVE the members and staff so I’m really bouncey about this.

We’re heading off to Hudson Valley New York to see what we can see this weekend, so things will be kinda scarce. I’m bringing my iPad with me in case something happens which must immediately be blogged.

I also wanted to share my promised beauty secret with you!  I have had a lot of skin struggles in my life. When I went to law school, the stress really destroyed my skin. Living off of Lean Cuisines didn’t help much either.

In my old age, I’ve found that stress and hormones really take a toll on my skin and all the fancy products in the world won’t help. I look at it this way: There are pictures of actresses with terrible skin and they have access to fabulous resources to have perfect skin. If they still get breakouts, sometimes you gotta just accept the facts of life that no one’s skin is perfect.

I heard from several bloggers that the Clarisonic brush was a miracle worker. A $200 miracle worker…. skeptical, I put off trying the brush and tried the $20 version available from Oil of Olay.  The Oil of Olay did improve my skin a bit and after looking at the cost of facials these days, I figured why not try the Clarisonic?

It made such a huge difference in my skin. I use it twice a day and I think the reason it helps me is because I have teeny tiny tight fisted little pores. Stuff goes in and it just stays there. Regular face washes don’t get the gunk out so I end up with a plague of Egypt. I also have SENSITIVE skin, so I can’t do glycolic peels or abrasive exfoliants. If the exfoliant is gentle enough not to upset my skin, it’s likely too gentle to clear off the top layer of skin gunk.

So I love the Clairsonic because it keeps things open and has never irritated my skin.

Another change I made was to stop using acne products on my face. My skin is on the dry sensitive side, with the occasional hormonal breakout. Treating my entire face with an acne product threw everything out of whack. Now I use the gentlest possible cleanser (I use PCA creamy cleanser) and spot treat problems as they arise.

My final solution was to pay attention to what I was eating to see how my skin responded. It turns out that my 1/4 cup a day peanut butter habit was not so good for my skin (I ended up with a burn like rash on my face and arms at the high point of my addiction). It was funny how I figured this out… I was sitting at the table with a rash on my face chomping away at PB by the spoonful. My arm started to itch and as I chomped away I scratched at it absent mindedly while wondering why I was getting a nasty red rash on my arm. Chomp chomp chomp… huh, maybe I’m allergic to something. Chomp. Chomp.


There also seems to be a dairy/sugar/wheat connection also, although it seems like an occasional serving of cheese is okay, buttercream frosted cupcakes or white bread with butter is not. I’m starting to think my skin goes haywire when I eat a combo of those little delicious demons.

Okay! Fascinating, right? Well, for those of you who don’t struggle with your skin, you probably fell asleep 10 paragraphs ago. For those of you who DO struggle (and who are going to add sweaty classes on top of it all), you’re welcome.

The best thing I can think of is to watch how your skin reacts to your diet and stay away from harsh acne stuff. You should use products that balance your skin and treat your spots as they occur. A brush like that Oil of Olay or Clarisonic brush is a great idea too.

K, I’m off! See you Fitties when I see ya’s!