Holla Fitties! It’s a gorgeous day here in New England… crisp and sunny. We put the flannel sheets on the bed last night and I think it’s getting too chilly to sprint to my car in a fresh sweat after teaching. 😉

Sorry I was MIA yesterday — I’ve got a lot of meetings, special classes, lawyering and the like this week. Hopefully things will calm down soon.

I don’t blog a lot about food recipes or beauty products here because I’m really not that great of a cook and I’m also not that kind of blogger. I’m not really sure what kind of blogger I am. I’m not the kind who takes pictures of everything I eat (because, typically, I’ve already eaten it before a picture can be taken)… I’m not the kind who follows a particular eating plan (vegan/ gluten free/ anti-bread/ dairy free etc. etc.) unless cupcakes and wine can be considered an eating plan, which I don’t think it is.

I also don’t talk a lot about beauty products because beauty has gotten a whole lot more complicated than when I was younger. Back in junior high, high school and college… oh yeah, if a new elixr came out, I was on it.

But nowadays, there’s a primer for every part of your face… there’s mineral makeup, talc-free mineral make-up, organic makeup… and there are about 50,000 brands that did not exist when I was poking my fingers into my mother’s makeup drawer (sorry mom!)

That being said, I wanted to share TWO things with you.

One is a recipe for preparing scallops or shrimp (if you can call it a recipe). It involves pan searing defrosted scallops or shrimp in a few tablespoons of coconut oil and dosing them liberally with ground chipotle and cayenne pepper. The spiciness compliments the sweet seafood nicely and the coconut oil kinda mellows out the heat. It’s so yum, it takes about 45 seconds to make (seafood cooks fast) and you plop it on top of a spinach salad and you’re golden. Especially if you have bacon on there too.

Oops, I have to run to a meeting. I’ll be back in a few hours to talk about skin care. God help us.

Sit tight.