Yeah, me too. And yet… I can’t stay off the damn thing!

Hey Fitties! It’s me, your slightly neurotic fitness blogger.

We all know that we should be measuring instead of weighing, right? Because with weight training comes changes in body composition… increased muscle mass (yay!) bone density (double yay!) and the like. And those things may mean that, even though you lose fat, your scale doesn’t budge in the short term.

But when your belly is flat and your jeans fit loose, it just seems like the scale SHOULD be lower. And not in the exact same place it was when your belly pooched and your jeans were tight.


Give me the number! I want the number!

We all have a magic number, right? The number we think “This means my body is perfect.” Even if we try to overcome that silly way of thinking, lurking in the back of our minds is The Number.

Or is it just me?

Anyway, this is just a reminder, to you, to me, to anyone who is frustrated because they’re doing things right (er, in my case… SORTA right) and the scale is still up to check themselves against their wardrobe. The scale hates you. The scale wants to destroy you. The scale WANTS you to quit getting healthy. The scale is inhabited by terrorists, scary spiders, demons and people who don’t return their shopping carts to that place in the parking lot and instead leave it pointing right at your car door.

You wondered who was doing that? Now you know. It’s people who live inside your scale.

Okay, I’m off to tone down the crazy. See you soon Fit’s!