Hey Fitties!

Subbed Zumba today. I think I have to retire the tank I wore. You know when you put one on and it smells clean and then you wear it for 15 minutes and your stank is overwhelming?

Yeah. Not cute. Sorry to anyone I overwhelmed today. 😉

So I was thinking about what I wrote yesterday about owing it to your loved ones to not run yourself into the ground. I don’t just write stuff here, I promise. I think about it before and after to make sure I’m not writing crazy stuff.  And if it’s crazy I try and delete the post before too many of you read it. 😉

Anyway, so the major flaw in my post yesterday is that we all have the right to do what we want to with our bodies, time and money. I mean, yeah, there are laws and stuff, but if we want to eat ourselves to death on ice cream and hamburgers (okay, cupcakes and wine. You know me too well!) then it’s our right to do it and anyone who has a problem with it can suck beans.

The trouble is, if you want to have close relationships with people, you sometimes have to sacrifice your rights in order to live with them in harmony. Love does not insist on its own way. If it does, it’s not love. It’s… assholery. And assholery tends to be isolating.

I remember watching a movie years ago and one of the couples disagreed about whether the husband’s friend could stay over in the couple’s home. The husband asserted his rights: “It’s MY house.” To which the wife shot back, “Have you ever heard of community property?”

Yikes, right? They were both correct about their rights, but so what? What’s the point of exercising your rights if you piss your wife off and she takes half your house? What’s the point of insisting on taking half of your husband’s house if it means that you’re going to have to live there alone (and also pay all the bills on your own and do the maintenance as well)?

Today is Sunday. For many it’s a day when we remember sacrificial love and rights that were willingly forfeited.  And even though this is ostensibly a blog about fitness, fitness is only useful if it makes your relationships stronger and your love better.  It’s not enough to say you love while insisting on your way or the highway, you have to show it.

So my question is… how do you show it? What rights and entitlements do you set aside for the comfort and harmony of your loved ones? Maybe you don’t listen to music that your spouse finds obnoxious. Maybe you make sure you don’t have a girl’s night out with a vegetarian at a steak house.  Maybe it’s letting your wife get a dog because she really really wants one (I’m testing to see how closely the AntiRat read this). 😉

Have a great Sunday Fitties! As always, thanks for reading!