Good morning Fitties! How’s your Saturday going? Oh Saturday, I could just KISS YOU!

Yesterday I was listening to Chalene Johnson’s CarSmart program about self-confidence. I love her message about how self-confident people are so lovely to be around because they put you at ease. They’re not huddled up into their own neuroses worrying how they’re coming across. They’re easy to be with because they don’t need to analyze themselves and your reactions to them. They just… be. And they just…. let you be.

Insecure people, she says, are selfish people because they’re so self-absorbed they can’t focus on anything but themselves. She goes on to say, in her tough-love way, that you owe it to your friends and family to knock it off.

The bluntness of that statement always makes me laugh out of surprise, and I’ve listened to the program several times. It’s just so unexpected to have someone tell you to quit your shit straight out.

It kind of makes me think of some of the less than savory character habits we drag around with us. Smoking? Eating bad food? Going into debt (guilty!)? Tuning out our spouse while we’re on the computer or watching tv? A lot of these little bad habits don’t just affect us. They affect our kids and our partner. They affect our co-workers and our communities. And we owe it to our loved ones to knock it off.

I think that’s an interesting perspective. We live in such an individualistic society — which, don’t get me wrong, I am pro-individual. But I think it’s easy to think that our limitations only affect us. And if we’re the only one affected, who cares if our cholesterol is a little too high or we’re at a risk for developing adult diabetes or we can always find the negative in any situation?  We’ll let ourselves down and live with the consequences, but I know I’m a little less willing to let other people down.

So who’s counting on you? Whose good opinion can you not afford to lose? Whose admiration do you seek? Are you doing anything self-destructive that affects that person as well? You owe it to them to knock it off.

And you owe it to yourself to buy some Coconut Butter. O.M.G. so good. I finally figured out the taste — it’s like those little Russian Tea Cake cookies! But full of medium chain fatty acids and fiber and all sorts of healthy things.

While you’re at it, you probably owe yourself Cacao Bliss too, because it is also choc full of coconut health and tastes like fudge.

You’re welcome.